Shipment of SV-08 Preorders

I preordered the SV-08 on April 18. Others who ordered the same day received their printer a month ago. I haven’t received a reply to my inquiry about my order (56001), nor have I received any updates since the initial email on the day I ordered it. I’m not impatient, but without any updates I’m wondering if my order was lost. This is basic customer service that I’m asking for.

I can tell you your not alone. I recently contacted them and was told my order was shipping Monday which means they are at the 558xx numbers currently. Hope this helps in some small way.

Yeah it does. So I’m only 200 machines out. Good to hear.

My number is 557## and it is supposedly shipping out today. However, I have not received confirmation of the unit actually being shipped yet. Hopefully many of the early production bugs have been worked out by now.

I’m a 556XX and it was supposed to ship last week, but I haven’t received any sort of notification.

Oh good! I’m a 558xx. I haven’t seen anything yet, but it’s good to know where we are in the queue.

I emailed again last night and got a response that mine is now supposed to be shipped on the 25th (556XX). So I don’t know if any of the info has been factual or just sent to appease my inquiries each time.

Deleted my last message. I got shipping notification shortly after writing it before I could cancel the second time.

Yay! That’s encouraging.