SV05 display is scrambled during printing

Hi, I got my new SV05 printer last week and I already printed some parts. All is working good so far. Only one thing bothers me. Right from the beginning, when I print a part, the scren gets scrambled as soon as the printing process starts. I have a clear screen befor printing. When I start to print something, the bed heats up and once the bed is heated up to 60°C, the nosle will heat up. That’s the moment when the screen is starting to get scrambled in some areas. You can still read the display but as soon as the nosle is at the right temperature, the sceen is compleetely scrambled.

Any ideas how to fix this?


there may be an electrostatic interference phenomenon, first test and verify it according to the following method.

You can remove the screen and put it on the table. Except for the screen cable to keep connected, do not make contact with other metal parts of the machine to see if it can be used normally.

Yes, this solved the issue.

Many thanks and regards.

Hello to all,

I bought and received my S05 in November and I got the same problem right from the start.
Reading the request from thoelter I waited for your solution.
But in my case the solution offered has brought no improvement. It´s still scrambled during printing.

Any further ideas ?

Kind regards

Thanks for NO SUPPORT.

I bought a new display (approx. € 25.00) … problem solved.
Normally unacceptable on a new printer. But fighting big argues wasn’t worth the bucks.

Hi Alexander,

Sorry for the late response and the inconvenience caused. Normally if you encounters cases like this, you could contact us via Facebook message or customer service at, we’ll respond, answer, and manage your technical questions, or any matters, in a timely manner. If we don’t reply as quickly as you wish at a fast speed, please send the messages again, because occasionally we come across technical errors that fail us to receive your information, thank you for your understanding.

In your case, could you pls contact the CS for further assistance? Or you could leave your order number and we’ll get in contact with you ASAP.

Many thanks.


I have the same repeatable issue of screen corruption on a new SV05 which I’ve had for a week. During printing my display corrupts and is unreadable/unusable. Examples below and screen showing current FW version which is up-to-date.

I have emailed the support email address w/the info and my order number. I would appreciate a replacement display, or let me know if there is something I can do (aside from removing the display from my printer) to fix it.

My similar display corruption issues appear to have been resolved by moving the display to the right about 1/2" to ensure it does not touch the left-front vertical rail.

See before and after pics below - since I moved the display over a couple days ago my display has not corrupted, so it appears my display corruption problems have been solved. I’ll keep an eye on it and report back if I have any additional issues w/display corruption, or the display locking up.

Display moved over to avoid touching the front-left vertical rail:

Previous position touching the left-front vertical rail:

Hey folks i was founded solution!!! I not found a root cause of that but when hotend starts heating i can see ac 5 v between frame and display mount! However on display pcb point j4 connects display ground to the frame , if you cut in that jumper display starts working properly , with no issues during printing .

How to check that problem : disconnect display from printer frame, ensure what display module not touching frame, but cable should be connected! Start the print , if everything fine you should cut j4 and isolate display from printer frame

@sovol3d - Hopefully you can share this w/your engineers to confirm that this is the issue behind the display scrambling and that the suggested fix (cutting J4 jumper) isn’t going to cause any other issues short- or long-term.

@Danabw @sovol3d I think the main question why i see ac voltage on printer frame !? I assume what root cause of this ac leakage in power supply. In normal conditions printer frame must have connections to the ground

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@Danabw @jackbv The info is delivered to the engeneer and I’ll get back to you soon.

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Absolutely, you are correct!

Howdy - hope your weekend went well. :slight_smile:

Is there any update on this issue?

Still waiting for the response yet :rofl:

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Used to work w/a lot of FW/SW engineers…I know how it is. :wink:

Fyi @sovol3d , i was curious what exact of ac voltage on the frame, and i was surprised to see there square signal 10.3v peak to peak and frequency 50hz

hi @Jackv @Danabw The action of using a wire end connected to the J4 end of the machine’s profile to form a state of conduction (meaning grounded) can avoid other interference and screen corruption. It seems to be a feasible mentioned to shoot this trouble.

Thanks for getting back with more information.

Sorry, @sovol3d - I’m not sure I understand what you’re suggesting we do. Can you clarify (with a picture, maybe) what your engineer recommended we do in this area?


@Jackv - do you understand?

@Danabw unfortunately no, but I finally found source of problem. As I mentioned before i can see ac voltage on frame that voltage shifted on 90 degrees relative to main ac from power plug. That means what a root cause is capacitance leakage in Creality power supply. I had try use my lab power supply and interference totally disappeared. It’s not first case than Creality power supply’s has an issues , on different forums i read about similar.In summary i can suggest only 2 ways how to solve issues, replace power supply or cut j4 to avoid interference. Cutting j4 not will be a problem because display has ground connection through wires ribbon

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