SV05 display is scrambled during printing

Hi, I got my new SV05 printer last week and I already printed some parts. All is working good so far. Only one thing bothers me. Right from the beginning, when I print a part, the scren gets scrambled as soon as the printing process starts. I have a clear screen befor printing. When I start to print something, the bed heats up and once the bed is heated up to 60°C, the nosle will heat up. That’s the moment when the screen is starting to get scrambled in some areas. You can still read the display but as soon as the nosle is at the right temperature, the sceen is compleetely scrambled.

Any ideas how to fix this?

there may be an electrostatic interference phenomenon, first test and verify it according to the following method.

You can remove the screen and put it on the table. Except for the screen cable to keep connected, do not make contact with other metal parts of the machine to see if it can be used normally.

Yes, this solved the issue.

Many thanks and regards.