SV05 display is scrambled during printing

Thanks very much for breaking it down more, really appreciate it. So a couple more questions (of course, sorry.):

  1. The printer is safe to use, right? Not going to zap me at some point unless I take it w/me into the shower. :wink:
  2. What’s the best way to cut j4…heat up solder iron and run across, or ? I don’t have experience w/physically modifying PCBs.


1 should be safe , cause printer frame still has a connection to safety ground wire in wall power plug.

2 if you’re looking closer on you display module, you can see what j4 has 2 pads connected with thin line. you just need a sharp knife to cut that thin line between two pads .

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hi @Danabw This

is in response to your inquiry about

Hope I made it clearer.

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Thanks very much - appreciate the additional info!

I’m in the middle of a forced-march print (wife wants seven moving/rotating spice racks ASAP) so as soon as those are done my SV05 has a surgery scheduled. :wink:

haha, you are the few people I read that the wife is in support of your 3d printing hobby. Hope the printing would add more love and fun to your life~ Have fun with the 3d printing journey!
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Victory is mine! :wink::+1:


So @Danabw how pcb surgery was? :grinning:

I think it came out well…I used a box-cutter (razorblade) and I think I’ve cut it sufficiently.

I did it this morning, and hope to reinstall the display this afternoon and mount it right up against the frame to see if the display becomes scrambled again or not. I will also test zip-tieing the display ribbon cable to the front frame rail, to see if that still causes display corruption. Thanks again for your help, I’ll report back when I have results!