SV05- Freezing mid print, sceen unresponsive

Just got the new SV05, everything is great with a small exception. It has frozen twice, once while heating up and once mid print.

The fan and heaters are still running, nothing else is operating and the screen is frozen.

Upon restart, the first time it started beeping with some error saying to immediately turn off power, didn’t read the rest of the warning, I think it said heater stuck on unresponsive or something.

The second time it happened mid print on the middle of the second layer. I restarted it, and it resumed printing from the top of the 2nd layer. Somehow the print continued without too bad of 2nd layer repeats.

Any ideas on what’s causing it or how to fix it? I know this is a new model, just wondering if anyone has had the same issues or has a resolution.

Thanks-- Print on…

Hi, what does the frozen mean? the screen doesnt work or even the machine doesnt operate?
I have no idea of that, but I think you can try to flash the firmware.
link of firmware: SV05_V121.bin - Google Drive
video of flashing firmware: How to flash firmware for SOVOL SV01 PRO 3D Printer - YouTube
I wonder if you can take and post a pic of the warning if you still have problem of that.

Good day I had the same problem what I found was a problem with the SD card being corrupt put the card that your using in the bin and get a new one format it the long way by unchecking the box that says fast format load new files to the new card I bet this will work :+1::face_with_monocle::+1: