Problem with the Touchscreen (unresponsive on one side)

Hello everyone

New to 3D printing. Bought my SV01 Pro a week ago and mostly didn’t have issues beside my touchscreen:
The middle right/bottom of the screen is unresponsive to touch seamingly. When I go to the preheat setting, I cannot set the temperature manually (can’t press on the enter button). Also, when I go to the file selection menu, I cannot go to the other pages when I click. So I’m limited to the first 5 files on the SD Card

I just now updated the firmware of the touchscreen and reflash the firmware of the printer and no change.

I would appreciate any advice or solution. Thanks in advance

Hello Beomagis,
you may want to send that problem description to Sovol support via e-mail to The subject line should contain “Warranty claim”. Also let them know your order number & the serial number of your SV01 pro. The support team should be able to help you or provide you a spare part soon.

Thank you for your answer. I sent an email with your advice a couple of days ago and I’m still waiting to hear back

Hello again everyone,

It’s been almost a month since I sent my query to the Sovol support team and I got absolutely nothing beside an auto-reply.

Are such long delay normal for an issue as simple as changing a touchscreen?

Thanks in advance

Hi again,
when I had a problem with my power supply unit it was just a matter of days before I received a helpful answer from Sovol.
Maybe you should write them again. If you bought your printer via Amazon or another retailer it would help to file your claim there, too.