User Interface Locked up

The user interface is locked on the SV01 PRO initial screen and there doesn’t seem to be away around it. Tried flashing it, nothing, won’t boot to the SD card to flash the UI, and trying to start with reflashing the printer mainboard, the screen is just on the initial boot screen so as far as I can tell, nothing is happening. I used the printer last night, powered it up to this today. The firmware and settings were from the factory, haven’t messed with any thing other than what was delivered to me by Sovol.

hi @jlsmith1000 sorry to read the matter. Could you pls check if the connecting cable is well and correctly inserted into the sockets?

It is, I’ve plugged and unplugged it several times. No matter now, I’ve returned the printer and replaced it with an anycubic. At least if they’re going to take most of the month of January off there’s plenty of online information and resources available as opposed to the sovol.

@jlsmith1000 Sorry for the trouble and the late response. In the case that the screen interface locked up, we need to reflash both the screen and mainboard firmware separately, with the formatted SD card having only the firmware in it.

Here is the flashing tutorial and the firmware download link for your reference: How to flash firmware for SOVOL SV01 PRO& Sovol SV06( Mainboard Firmware Needed Only) 3D Printer - YouTube