SV05 build plate rising up into hotend

I am brand new to 3d printing. And i got a SV05 as my first printer. I got it all setup and did the first two sample prints. everything looked and worked great so i moved on to a bookmark for my wife. I started the print and the build plate slammed up into the hotend. Before i could get it stopped the hotend dug into the build plate. And now if i try to auto home or even relevel the bed it does the same thing. I reset the printer to default settings and it is still doing it. please help thank you for any help

I’m new to this 3d printer as well; however, I have a few suggestions you could try. First, check your z-offset value (you’ll find it in the same menu as you would for leveling the bed). If your bed crashing, I suspect an incorrect value here could be the culprit. This feature is used to adjust how high or low your hotend will be in relation to the print bed after your printer probes the bed (which should be happening every time you print automatically). If this value is too great it will cause a bed crash.

Some other things to check:

  1. Is the touch probe working? Do you see the CR touch popping the probe out and probing the bed before prints or when you “Home” your printer? Do you see the lights on the probe turning on. If not, you probably have a loose or broken wire somewhere.
  2. Have you trammed the bed? If you want to adjust the bed leveling discs, you must follow this procedure. First, home the printer. Second, run the auto bed leveling sequence. Third, find the tram the bed option and adjust the bed leveling disks so a piece of paper just starts to feel friction between the nozzel and the bed. Fourth, rerun the auto bed leveling. Fifth, home the printer and measure how far the hot end is from the bed (or guess and check). Sixth, adjust the z-offset value in the settings. Continue to increase the z-offset and re-Home the printer until a piece of paper just grabs under the nozzel. If there is no gap, decrease the z-offset so your nozzel isn’t crashing.

Hopefully this helps!