Bed slamming in to hotend

Followed the directions in the manual. Loaded a sliced model for print, after having printed the provided calibration cube (which stuck so bad to the bed that it ripped off the bottom layer removing it).

Trammed, zoffset, bed leveled

The print started, the bed raised up into the gantry/print head, which drug across the bed and flat out ruined it.

Ordered another, from Creality which was overnighted. Haven’t touched it all day after posting this problem to a couple other places / forums (no responses yet).

What I don’t get, is it this style of printer? Is that there is no Z Endstop/Microswitch, like on my bedslinger, that effectively sets the Z zero point? Aka, if there were, and I had set it, it doesnt matter what happened software wise because when the Z, made contact with it, it would stop it from SLAMMING INTO THE PRINT HEAD.

Was so excited. Major Kudos to the design team for so many things about this printer. I absolutely love it. This obviously is the only thing I had an issue with. It upset me because I bought the printer to help with a huge project that I intend to get a lot done on vacation this week.

I’m a technologist. I fully take responsibility that this could be my error. Im just left struggling why, I see two other endstop micro’s on x and y, and none on z, which would’ve prevented this horrible experience.

Lastly, Cura profile? Please? I’ve a raspberry pi, don’t WANT to load another slicer sofftware especially when I use Cura for my other printer. Is there a reason why you can’t have your guy’s kick out a Cura profile?

Thanks, apologies for the rant. Was so excited about this printer. Still am, but scratching my head trying to figure out if I caused this, what I did wrong, and lastly, one last time for my sanity. Why wouldn’t there be a hard stop that the user can set, to prevent this kind of disaster.

Thank you, ahead of time, for listening.


Still no response? No ONe? Sovol? Cmon guy’s. Haven’t touched this printer since “the disaster”. I’ve searched and searched what could’ve caused it. Why? Well, do I want to repeat this? If I don’t know what caused it, I’m doomed to. I’ve found nothing so far.

Using Creality Ender 5 plus Cura profile. Changing the x/y/z to match the SV05 dimension. Changing retraction to .2mm…

First and foremost. I don’t have, Win or Mac, but linux. I don’t want to load another slicer. I’ve got Cura

Trying again with a piece of glass on the bed. NOT putting the new ender bed on and destroying it but? It could destroy this glass…
Going to set level, z-offset, auto-level then run a sliced model.

Support, is non existent at this point. A message from Amazon asking for a picture, and response to a few questions (did you level, set z offset, etc…) and no response. Beautiful printer gang, so many incredible things about this.




The sv05 has a crtouch that should be the z axis end stop.

The crtouch should deploy the probe during homing

The sv05 is a clone to the Ender 5 / 5 pro not the 5 plus.

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Thanks Alan! That’s kind of what I thought however, and it did deploy during homing, etc… Per the letter, it looked like everything should be golden? Really weird. I could, drone on and on because this was a bit of a fight. I ordered/received another bed (Ender, a touch wider…) and was REALLY reluctant to lay it on there considering the first experience so? I took my glass bed (300x300) off my other printer, and went through the whole experience after doing a complete re-set, etc… Results, turned out ok. I was able to dial it in, set z offset went well, though I was a little high (I can cope with a little high as opposed to 2 inches deep into the bed…) it looked good. So? I pulled the glass, went through tramming, leveling, setting z offset, saved. For good measure, turned the printer off, on again (technologist, 30 years of dealing with Microsoft) and setup for a print. It’s printing now, it’s very first print, a part that I’m making for Christmas gifts. Looks beautiful, keeping a close eye on it, tryin not to get too excited, yet. Thank you. The 5 plus is the profile I’m using, with adjustments to size and retraction. So far, so good. Thank you again for responding.

Edited to add: I’ve not only done software but hardware, industrial settings (injection molding, blow molding) and have some amount of experience with this type of thing. Given that, I can see how the “touch” would be the thing to set zero for the Z however, I gotta add, a hard stop, should be in place in everything. For one, avoiding trashing equipment when software misbehaves (yeah, I’ve seen all manner of this) and two, personal safety.

I used to fly all over god’s creation on business. I’m an aviation fan, hope to get a pilots license and have enjoyed many skydives. That said, I’m all about calculated risk. However, I always said, if I ever got on an aircraft and glanced into the cockpit and saw “Microsoft”, I’m out, I’m off, find me another plane. :wink:

hi, @JockoMundo Sorry for the inconvenience caused. As said with AlanK, the SV05 has a CR touch to rule the Z-axis end stop, and it’s distinguished from the X/Y axis homing mechanism. In terms of your situation, pls

  • Check whether the connection cable of the crtouch is firmly inserted and not broken;
  • Whether the power is normally contracted twice.

Any problem or damage of the crtouch will affect the normal leveling.

And here is the tutorial for inserting SV05 configuration fille to Cura for your reference.

File download: (2.2 KB)