SV06 runs into the heating bed

I have already tried 100x to set the SV06 in the Z.
At best, the first layer floats over the heating bed and prints spaghetti.
But mostly the SV06 runs into the heated bed with the nozzel.
Or the printer rubs the nozzle over the heating bed without lifting it up in the Z.
Where is the Z stop switch?

I always used the instructions that came with it.

There isn’t a physical Z end stop switch on this one, it uses the inductive probe mounted on the right hand side of your extruder. You’ll see a red light on the top of it - when it homes Z, you should see the red light go off for a second, then the extruder goes back up a bit, red light on, then slowly lowers until the red light goes off again. That sets the general Z height and should be stoping well above your bed.

After that is done, you have to set the Probe Z Offset - that step is where you’re going to lower the probe further to get it just the right distance from the bed so the filament sticks just right. My offset was something like -2.50, but that’ll probably vary a bit from printer to printer.

If you’re homing Z and sometimes it’s stopping way above the bed and sometimes it’s crashing into the bed, then it might be that your inductive probe is loose or something is up with the printer’s ability to physically move the Z axis up and down. It sounds like maybe your Z offset is set too low though.

If you’re not doing the home, probe Z offset setting, and mesh bed leveling and choosing Store Settings, then you might be getting it set and then the values get reset when you turn off the printer. It’ll basically work until it loses power if those settings aren’t saved or if you reset the firmware values back to factory default.

A friend came over.
He said if the printer is set to Z=+5mm I can’t set Probe Z Offset.
If I then set Z Offset =-5mm ( Z=+5) I can just about reach the paper.
But then the printer subtracts another 5 mm at Z=0.

First set the Z leveling to 0 and save.

After Auto Home the printer is in Z=+## something

Prepare → Move Z- Move 1mm
first set Z=0 there (Use paper to feel that there is still a distance)
then Bed Leveling → Probe Z Offset
then Store Settings

Important do not adjust Z offset if the printer is higher than Z=0!

Or the probe is broken as is with my SV06 after 7 days.
The probe should react to metal/magnets underneath - if the red LED won’t turn off, I will assume the probe is defect.