Stick-on Surface doesn't stick to the PEI master sheet

@sovol3d, @Sovol.Claudia - As shared in the manual for the SV07 Plus, I have issues with adhesion using the provided double sided PEI textured plate. I completely cleaned and dried one side and applied the sticker sheet that you provide. I loaded it up with some heavy books for a few hours to assist in the glue surface contact. I then started printing a set of parts that cover most of the full bed. While the part adhesion to the sticker surface was excellent from edge to edge, after around 1 hour into the print job I heard clicking from the unit as the extruder assembly moved to the rear of the build area. On examination I discovered that the sticker sheet was not sticking to the PEI plate causing the print and the sheet to lift away from the PEI sheet.

Since I needed these parts today, I swapped out my plate from my SV06 Plus, and the print succeeded.

You may wish to consider changing the new plate back to the old plate from the SV06 Plus rather than offering this rather fragile sticker option to solve adhesion issues.


Here’s what the glue side looked like once it’s lifted during bed heating:

Definitely not good.

Same problem here. Worked fine for a few prints, but now the sticker is pulled up by any parts near the corners. This happens during the print.