Sovol SV05 not feeding material

I observed the feed wheel turning but the material is not advancing in the extruder. The Extruder temp at 200c and bed at 60c. I can feed the material by hand. Could my problem be Z offset? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you can feed melted filament thru the hot end, that would rule out a clogged Nozzle.
During routine maintenance of my Sovol SV05, I noted some filament build up in the teeth of the extruder gear. I cleaned all the teeth with a dental pick (LOL) and moved on. You might try examining the teeth for filament buildup. Perhaps I missed the instruction about the tension on the filament adjustment screw but I set it to a modest pressure against the filament.
It seems to me that if the tension is too loose, it could cause the gear to not apply enough pressure against the filament to move it properly. Too tight could result in causing filament to be compacted into the space between the gear teeth, resulting in not enough pressure against the filament.