SOVOL S7 and Sovol in General

Does Sovol want to be the worst 3D Printer company in existence?
From there lack of QA to their lack of anything unless you have to join Facebook/Meta and have all your data stolen and sold.

Support is a joke.

If you have 20K group then build a Discord server like every other 3D printer and the open source code that you use.

I hate having to login to FB just to get horrible advice.

They are a small company that a former employee of Creality made, which is why they use the same manufacturer.
However unlike Creality everything needs to be fixed or modified just to make this clone with ancient firmware work.

Release the code on Github for SV07 and + so we do not have to deal with your crap fork.

I updated recently and went backwards to Mainsail OS, Fluidd was much better.

From parts labeled out of order to there customer rip offs like buy a bunch of overpriced goods and get a S6 then after I paid for filaments and their dryer they kill the promo. I could have gotten it all for a fraction of the cost off Amazon Prime days.

I’m sure that they will drop in price again.

They say that their entire business has 78 employees, how many are in R&D? Why if you are in the same manufacturer as Creality can’t you put out a product like every other company that is making some type of Bambu Labs clone.

If you are in Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe and the United States you can get stuff fast.

God forbid that they offer the same stuff on then on
The fact that the SV07 Plus was released for months before it made it to your official website is pathetic.

You are stealing from your customers, I’m out a couple hundred USD that I overpaid for your now dead Promo. The exchange rates are insane.

You do not manufacture in the US so why is everything in USD?
Think anyone but a fool will pump any more money into your next Promo?

You have broken the trust between your customers and your company.

Marketing sucks, support is brutal.

Think that they will replace the broken probe that broke along with the hotend week 1 now that it’s been over 2 months, one waiting for a part that was in the US but had to be shipped from China to Canada?

I now know way more about 3D printers that I ever thought I would have to learn when I purchased the S7.

Now I have to learn basic Linux and Python code to make this machine work properly.

What are you going to do with all the points?

Why are you unable to make a Discord server like everyone else.

I will just make one since this is a dying company unable to do anything properly. Why haven’t you released the code like for previous models so that owners do not have to use your fork and “Update” that went backwards.

sovol is a small group of creailty they use creailty parts it cheaper for them my sv07 work perfect i know it the 2 nd printer the first printer my pc was hacked via a twat on the darkweb he done this to well over 50million people and stolen my personal data including delting the driver on my printer made completey usless 3d jake sent me a new printer this one work perfect now also i have put in extra firewalls changed all passwork this is a head up for you and other people.

problem with company you just need to keep at them you will get a answer soon enoth my tip i am in the UK we have eu and UK laws which protect us

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Pffff stop complaining…! Do you think it’s better with others? it’s the same thing. The best thing for you is to stop using 3D printers and start gardening, you may have more success.
Personally, never had the slightest problem.


I think you are a frustrated, not very creative and stubborn subject.
And creating a Discord server just to read ranting of people of your attitude would be a big waste of ressources.
Take the advice of @Squali and start gardening.


I agree with the folks that recommend you take up another forum to Troll.
I have a Sovol 05 and have not had a single issue with it or Sovol customer service.


I don’t know. I can see people venting their frustration as long as we vent, get it out, and determine next steps. Negative feedback can be a good tool if used properly. I also agree with the point Squali made about other manufacturers being similar. This was my experience prior to purchasing my Sovol printer. This is a forum where we can help others with their issues.

When I took the plunge with my SV07, I knew this was a smaller company without the community support some others companies have and my expectations were tempered accordingly. I’ve had an issue and the support I received was prompt with a replacement part being shipped quickly. This may not be everyone’s experience and I appreciate hearing other’s experiences as well.

As far as xxduffyxx taking up gardening, this probably wasn’t meant as a mean-spirited response but could be received that way. As a forum group, we should all help each other get past the issues we are facing. It could turn out that you are the one needing help in the future. Xxduffyxx - now that you’ve vented, how can the company and/or members of this forum support your learning journey with these 3d printers?


You all are delusional and invested in your printer’s.

All the points are valid and the majority of responses is why Sovol is where it is.
Instead of offering solutions you tell me who is out hundreds of dollars from a fake Promo and have had nothing but problems with this product since I bought it.

Not the 1st 3D FFM I have used however like I stated it is one thing after another straight out of the box.

Broken parts, wait a month just to get a replacement Hotend and realize that the probe was also broken causing the machine to forget where it is.

Response from this forum, you are a idiot for not knowing Linux and Python and a million other mods.

To get decent prints have had to slow it down to the same speed of way, better products.

I see that the majority are so unaware of anything that they get personally offended by often repeated complaints.

Even the forum is a joke, as is the official website.

Currently in Canada I, can get a S7 Plus for nearly the same price as a P1P which I can always upgrade.

I have already had to buy 3rd party parts as the springs and hard mounts are junk.

There is a reason for why one is shorter but Sovol’s instructions are so vague that if you haven’t already owned or now why it’s shorter you will place it into the wrong spot.

There are much more user friendly slicers than their 5.O version. A slicer made for industrial printers not home desktop 3D printers.

I have an idea, stop defending your inferior product and the company that sold it to you and offer solutions.

Why use a forum full of users with some serious cognitive dissonance…

You know when you have lost any type of argument when you have to resort to name calling.

Thanks for making my points more valid without offering any solutions.

Which is why I’m not going on Boomer Facebook and getting data harvested…

For the one person who got hacked, I do not understand what that has to do with Sovol’s S7 /Plus.

Sounds like your network was wide open, could have been hacked by a variety of ways. The weakest link was your Printer and I’m not sure how it is much different than how most people http into their printer’s on their WLAN.

Name calling isn’t helpful and shows that the majority are emotionally invested into a flawed Printer and Company.

Or maybe you would like to reimburse me for all the $ spent on a Promo that just was killed without any reason giving after a few months of people overpaying for there products.

Don’t forget that Sovol sells inexpensive and open source printers. If you want something very solid and a little more reliable, opt for printers costing €5,000 or more, but that won’t stop you from having problems if you’re not at least astute and handy and above all a bit clever.

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Can you please send me the link for the SV07 and Plus Github repo?

Oh right, they haven’t released the code like they did for S6 Plus and previous versions.

I have had great support from this group as our SV06+ is our first FDM. Now, my friend’s complaint about Sovol has more to do with their lack of speed in answering questions about a product before he buys one. He was looking at the SV04.

also sovol is the sister company of creailty that why sovol uses creailty parts

SV07 uses Klipper while the previous ones don’t. They are not the only ones going to Klipper. Sovol and Creality are mostly marketed towards the home hobbiest with a little SoHo involved. Anycubic is also. For those markets, most buyers are not going to justify $5000 3d printers for their little bit of use and most are not interested in having to program just for making stuff. Why do you think Apple and Windows is so big?

I have a very good relationship with Sovol.

Its is the amazon sovol, bit I have had a couple component failures and after a pic and order# I get a box in the mail.

I would agree that chinese culture places little value on, or just does not have, the concept of a company ethos, or mission statement.

I think the shit build quality is dictated by the factory the contracted to make the printer.
Both my 6’s were 100% on fastener tension.

My 6+ had a whole buncha shit loose, and multiple misassembled bits etc.

Its tough, people want their money back, usually because they are poorly educated murricans., to stupid to operate a bread maker, let alone a 2022 tech printer

Well you should try there newer products, especially they S7 and S7 Plus.

The fact that all the major manufacturers have Discord servers where they have a tonne of different channels, offer contests and have 10x the user base while Sovol uses Facebook as their main website page for anything is beyond ridiculous.

They put on their official website stated newest updates as of October 5th that, were available in August that actually rolls back to Mainsail OS.

Unlike previous models they haven’t released the code on Github, most likely not due to intellectual property but no one has gotten around to it as they have 78 employees, from CEO down to the people who test and are supposed to do QA and package.

Not going to respond to every post.

How does Creality have so many more users when they are the same manufacturer, same people, well some of them.

Yet are unable to release a product that actually performs to their own stated speeds.
The prototypes sent out are the same as the commercial products.

On the list of 3D printers in OrcaSlicer has every machine, even home built options then you scroll all the way down and find the Sovol printers really puts into perspective where it’s at.

They rushed the SV07 and Plus. The majority of issues are not on previous versions.

Although I don’t fully disagree with gardening my post may just stem from being on the “other side” of award winning customer support. For all we know he is trying to print 3d gardening tools and this would be the irony of the frustration.

With that said the frustration will be expressed differently by many. Some of us take out our frustration by tinkering and modding and Accepting the results, but should that be the norm? As I try to “defend” I also do advise the hoby continues to evolve. No matter what first layer is key. Understanding your machine limits, slicer are also key factors that should be separated from a poor user experience. A simple wrong nozzle size or filament size can cause havoc.

Reading the thread I admittedly share frustration steming from:

For me I continue to enjoy my sv04 and although other companies are starting to catch my interest. Do I really need LiDAR, and x y z over the 500$$ already invested with sv04. Understanding this is a budget Machine and we purchased it on a budget. Quality (except fans) are of expected quality.

Currently running firmware with 64x bed matrix, extruded modifications (dual gear)…etc.
My biggest gripe is on the lack of upgrades and official firmware improvements / code. If Solvol can evolve the product line instead of abandoning existing product lines, offer continued upgrade path it would keep me a Solvol owner. At this point I have opined what I buy next (when the time comes) due to this limitation from an org not hardware pov.


I do have an SV07. I had good support when I needed it. I do use Cura Slicer with mine, support provided me with a profile within a day of me requesting it. My major gripe with this unit is that the wireless is terrible on it. I started with an Anycubic printer and then purchased this as a second printer. I had a similar experience with Anycubic as I have had with Sovol - neither of them being negative experiences but not totally positive either.

I won’t argue with the “rushed to market” statement. I think that’s true. The silver lining for me on owning these printers is that I have learned enough to build my own (well I’m converting one) by having to constantly tinker with them. Should that be required? Absolutely not. But I am taking a “returned” Ender 6 and converting it to a Voron-like printer at this point.

My SV07 prints well for what it is and the price I paid. Everyone may not have the same experience however.

Man, shouldn’t you be canning beets for the winter?

You missed the sale, you’re sad…

It’ll be OK

Besides, how else would we learn that not all Canadians are pleasant.

i have sv07 pruser slicer profile if you need them message me

I read this thread with interest. I’m afraid I only have one printer - an SV01, or at least, that is how it started life - quite an early one. I’d have to say it all worked when it arrived, as did the BLTouch bought soon after, and my queries to support were answered quickly. I therefore have no issues really. Most parts purchased since come from other sources like E3D.

But, maybe I was lucky. I got mine before they got really popular. I think from what I read, Sovol are a victim of their own success. Their quality control has just not kept up. Not only that, they keep bringing out new models rather than fix the issues with the current ones. Why? That is how you make money.

Some, including me, are happy to roll their sleeves up and sort out problems. Others are not.

And, that is the issue. These printers and others in this market share are built down to a price. Professional quality machines cost between 10x and 1000x the price. F1 teams these days do a lot of 3D printing - I somehow doubt they use Sovols or similar. You get what you pay for.

But the problem is that it is not clear what you are buying. If these printers were basically advertised as “you are really buying a kit, it’s up to you to turn it into a workable printer, we’ll try to support you, but bear in mind we are in China and you aren’t”, then that would be fine in my book.

However they aren’t sold like that. The impression is given that you are buying a turnkey printer - minor assembly, fire it up and off it goes. Well, 3D printing is not like that in the first place - yet, and frequently more than minor assembly is needed. For instance, some models right from the SV01 had a problem with non-level X axis that has never been fixed. It is clearly a manufacturing QC issue, and to fix it properly the gantry - that comes pre-assembled - has to be taken apart. That’s fine for me, but I’m not everyone.

So, I have no issue with buying a printer at this price point, I am quite prepared to work on it to get it right, I know what I’m buying into. But, I also quite understand the gripes of those who thought they were buying something that would just work, then found otherwise - because they aren’t sold that way.

I got the SV04 couple months ago. Only my 2nd machine. I LOVE it

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