List of issues with SV-06 so far . .

This printer has not worked since November. I have had it apart multiple times.

For starters the extruder came used and had a bunch of metal shaving and filament in it. Sovol said that was my fault. It will NOT feed any filament without taking off the screw and guiding it past the extruder. I have cleaned the gears repeatedly.

The firmware- it died then bricked then over the period of a month I was given different responses by Sovol as to how to fix it. I finally fixed it with SV06A08.Bin firmware (must be on a card with 16g or less).

Now the extruder will only extrude clumps for the first layer and then stop. I have taken everything apart yet again and changed nozzles and re-leveled multiple times. Responses have been sporadic and generally unhelpful from Sovol. It is beyond frustrating.