Sovol SV06 Plus - multiple issues - no support - I'm not a noob

I got my SV06 Plus about a week ago.
when I first got it I was able to get a couple prints out of it.
But at this point, with no changes made to the printer… Even basic functionality is no longer working.
This printer will not home correctly.
sometimes it decides that it is home all the way at the top, other times it thinks it’s home about 40 mm off the bed etc etc.
about 50% of the time I get an error that says the homing failed and I need to check all the connections.
I have checked every connection including inside the motherboard box and reseated everything I could several times.
I have used the slicer Sovol included with it and also created a profile in the new version of cura.
once in awhile when it looks like I can get it to home correctly… I will do the z offset how you’re supposed to, I will then save it and test it again… But every time a print starts it drops so far down it starts digging into the bed…
I have tried different SD cards, different 3d models, different filament.
I’ve checked the bed sensor to make sure it looks like it’s intact correctly.
I have some experience with other 3D printers so I mostly know what I’m doing.
did I just get a bad printer?
I’m thinking that it has something to do with either the firmware or the motherboard… I have emailed Sovol But not gotten a response yet.
The help center does not have a category for this printer.
any suggestions?

Having similar problems I think it’s the sensor that measures the headspace.

If I could manage to get somebody from Sovol to return my email I might be able to ask them for a replacement sensor to try that. It’s going on a few days now since I’ve emailed them and nothing… I’ve heard turnaround times are about a week and a half. Not impressed.

I understand I’ve been emailing back and forth for a week tomorrow.
Waiting on engineer to contact me now…
I’m just being patient I think they’re language and time differences we’re dealing with & small staff
It took them a couple days from my first email to get reply just a heads up

I purchased SOVOL SV06 Plus 3D Printer and have multiple issues. The filament doesn’t hold enough to the heat bed, causing the nozzle to drag the object I’m printing. Also, the Z-Offset settings seem to be another issue for me as I have to keep re-adjusting the distance between the Nozzle and the object, or else it will just drag the thing. I’m using Amazon Basic PLA Filament and the Filament included with the box and still having an issue. Anyone knows what’s the proper Z-Offset for this printer and why it doesn’t hold enough to the heat bed? I already wasted lot of prints adjusting the Z-Offset from -1.55 to -1.70 with no luck.

Oh, and I also need to change Fan Speed and Printing Speed. I cannot keep adjusting the settings. Very disappointing.

Use facbook mesenger they reply to that after about a day (time differece i gues) .

Same Issue here. After about 30 successful prints, homing no longer works on any axis.
Reflashing FW does not work either - tried several SD cards.
It is certainly not the sensor as it stutters on X and Y axis when ask to home and then goes into the bed until its bended…

That’s a good point.
I just know that right now the sensor won’t even register or flash red on mine.
But I do not discount that it could be something like the firmware or motherboard…
It’s hard to tell.
it sucks too because all of this flakiness has scratched the PEI bed a few times.
honestly, Sovol had to know about at least some of these issues… So I’m hoping they have spare parts they’re willing to send to customers that are having these issues…
I have another brand budget printer that’s almost constantly running and I was really excited about this SV06 Plus… But so far the lack of response and support from Sovol has been disappointing.
I was looking forward to having the two printers doing projects at the same time…
But as it stands now… I sent an email several days ago with no response and sent a direct message to their Facebook account yesterday and nothing so far.

Same here. Lack of response is disappointing.
I was excited with the printer and the quality during first prints, but now my trust s completely gone.

Yep. I guess for me it’s a live and learn situation. honestly, I spent $350 on this printer and the lack of support is making me want to get my money back and buy something different… But it’s too late for that so now I have to go round and round with them.
I sent them pictures and video of the problem but they cannot view the video because in China the internet is all locked down… each time I’ve contacted them it’s been about 2 days between correspondence… The first time for some reason they kept saying they were going to send me a power supply… But I never mentioned there was anything wrong with the power supply…
then when they acknowledged it was the sensor they sent me troubleshooting for the sensor… But the sensor is completely dead… But I guess they don’t believe that because they can’t view the video I tried to send.
you can buy an entire hot end assembly on their website for $55… I can’t imagine the bed level sensor costing more than five bucks but for some reason it’s super difficult to send me one…

No problems with bed adhesion, my z-offset is mostly like -1.98 or so. I recognizes that after mesh leveling my z-offset does not quit fit, I have to make adjustments, say +/- 0,2 mm, thats much

you guys problem is you’re all over thinking it. take a breather, then look at the cable that connects to your bed , if it’s tucked under the bed, thats causing the problem. Simply move the cable out of the way on the other side of the printer aaaaaand no more problem. this printer works sooooo gooooood. turns out you are a noob, lol jk jk

Are you doing the calibrations with the print bed heated to temp? If you’re doing it with the bend at ambient room temps, the sensor will get an incorrect reading and air way higher than it actually is. If you adjust down at this point, once the bed is heated up it will go down too far and ram the nozzle into the bed. Make sure if you’re adjusting probe z offset, that you’re doing it either after bed leveling while the bed is heated, or during a print. Hope this helps

There is no proper z offset, each printer has to be calibrated on its own because the temperature and relative humidity of the environment all affect the sensor. This is a completely different sensor than the type that reaches out and physically touches the bed, it detects the magnetic field which can change based on temp/rh. Hope this helps