Bad motherboard

Ever since the day I started testing prints with my SV06 Plus right, It has be absolutely horrendous. I was very meticulous with the steps and tutorial videos on z leveling, auto bed leveling, and cleaned the bed before each print attempt. Then when I tried to update the firmware with the step by step tutorial video on Sovol’s youtube page several times and now with the screen frozen on the boot screen. This has been a terribly strange first 3D printer experience for me!

Hang in there. Its my first 3D printer too. I had it two weeks and have had my share of issues. I didn’t bother trying to update firmware due to the fact im going to install klipper. So you think you bricked it? I hope someone on this forum can help you out. I think if your not a tinkerer and injoy problem solving the new bambu machines seem to be the way. I wouldn’t mind having a couple.

It is a catch 22, the Sovol is both good and bad for beginners.

good) It as lots of bells and whistles, so it is good. It does a lot for you so it is good, and it one of the best in its class so it is good.

bad) It as lots of bells and whistles, So more shit goes wrong, this is bad. It does a lot for you, so you learn little, this is bad. Its one of the best in its class, do not first drive a Porsche.

I think its best to start on a simple Ender but hey you are in to it now. Just play with it and keep asking questions. I never had to update firmware so can’t help there.

Rename the file you download to SV06PLUSMB2.bin. Something other than what it is and see if it goes through. The printers come with the same exact firmware that they were sent to you with. If this doesn’t work. Feel free to reach out to me on the Unofficial Sovol Discord. I do not agree that this printer is any more difficult that an Ender. This is just dumb luck and nothing more.