i bought one sovol 06 it worked got a voltage surge and it died. i tried to put a mother board in it and it wont work. not worried not the sovols fault. i bought 2 more and they work unbox put them together calibrate them. plug into some g code and they work. i think that this site has a good purpose. and im here to report on my printers they work and im happy with them. i thought i had a problem with one of my printers. so i l made a account i was wrong the printer does what it was suposed to do within .2mm of perfect. so to give props to a machine that out of the box gives perfect benchys im impressed. four months down the road im impressed. unlike the ender i bought first which is in the 3d printer graveyard. after a year of spotty undependable service. my intention is to build a 3d printer farm. and the only way im leaving sovol is for a faster machine. they just work i love them.

whatever you did keep it up.