Sovol SV06 Won't Power On

Hi - I received the Sovol sv06 for Christmas and it’s been working great. Last night I completed a 23 hour project and turned the printer off. Also last night, we hit -25F below zero and my heat struggled. My printer is won’t turn on at all. I checked the outlets and they work. The printer is cool to the touch, but not as bad as I would have expected, all things considered.

Any suggestions? Or is it a just wait for it to warm up and give it a try? To add to that, is there anything I can do to make sure it is not irreversibly damaged?

Thank you!

Try maybe to put your printer in an enclosure and warm it.
Anyway, it is better to print in an enclosure.

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Some of the SV06’s came with bad power switches…mine included.
I started having issues at around 2 months & by 6 months I had to replace it.

Before you try to replace it, check the fuse that sits between the plug & the switch. I’ve never had one blow before, but it is a place to start.

Here is a thread on it:

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Mine too has a bad switch. I rebuilt it myself, just opened it up and found the contacts out of place. Worked for almost a year before it started doing it again. Got to go rebuild it again or maybe I will replace it this time.