Power switch starting to bug

hey i started having issue with my SV06 plus turning off rnadomly yesterday and today when i try to turn it on it just gets power for a few sec then turns back off. after some invertigations i found that keeping the switch pushed in la lite when opening the machine seem to work.

anyone got this issue? could it create a short long term, or any other problems?
ill be looking for the part number to replace it anyway, if anyone has it.


My Plus switch so far has been alright, my SV06 switch has been buggy.
I bought 2 switches to have as backup if I need them.

On the SV06, sometimes the printer doesn’t shut off when I flip the switch.


Had also the problem where the switch glitched and noticed it was warm. Took it apart completely and found the metal contacts inside had visible burn marks from arcing, visible melting of the red plastic switch plus discoloration on the heat shrink of the connected cable. This thing was overheating.

Clearly just had a close-call of a printer/house-fire. Seems you get what you pay for. I imagine the switch can’t handle the inrush current when starting up.

I’d recommend anyone owning this printer to check and/or replace the switch IMMIDEATELY.

oh shit! did not feel any warmt so far but ill check mine then… do you have the par number/link to the one you got?

anybody knows if that would be under garanty from sovol ( but i would get the exact same sub par switch i gess )

I bought these on sale for $2.99 each. This is what was in my SV06.

You can replace the whole assembly like @Lion suggested, or just the rocker switch.

Not sure if my part number would help because I ordered in Europe (Arcolectric H 8553 VB NAC); here is something similar from amazon US (with a ridiculous price tag, mine was like 3.5 €/$ a piece):

Look for models to fit a front plate with a 19.2 x 13 mm hole. The replacement procedure is rather easy if before and after everything looks the same (take a picture if needed).

Also, you want to make sure the rocker switch is rated for more amps than your power supply will draw (500 VA / 230 V ≈ 3 A or 500 VA / 100 V ≈ 6 A … depending on where you live) continuously. To be safe I’d pick something with 10 or more Amps as a rating. Overkill in safety is not problematic. PLUS it must be able to withstand short term inrush of more than 60 A. Those PSUs can draw huge power when switching on. While doing so they create a spark in the switch; and this spark kills the switch over time. Surely you’ve experienced something like this when plugging in a cable before.

Keep your fingers away from cheap switches. The pennies you safe are not worth it in my opinion. Get something that is sold with a proper datasheet.

This just happened to me last night. Burn marks on the connectors, very concerning. Happened near the end of a 5 hour print. I’ve emailed support and waiting. The toggle switch clicks when turning on, but not when turning off the switch. Seems broken or melted. The reviews of the listed replacement above are not good as lots are melting too.

Could the cheap PSU be causing these to fail?

The cheap PSU does not cause the cheap switch to fail, its fails because it was not spec’d for the load it sees.

Plus one on the “bell Helmet” observation by printing dude. Finding a red clicky thing for 3 cents less is very much how mai lee got us into this pickle.

I’ve handled mine twice doing the meanwell/new cover upgrade, noted nothing, looked for nothing.
HD replacement on the way tho, since on the damn PLUS it has become the new home screen return button. Since the POS freezes after every auto level session

So what do you recommend for a replacement switch? Awaiting word from Sovol as well about warranty. My connector heads have visible burning marks on them. I haven’t had any freezing issues on any auto levels yet. Just the random shutdowns before finally giving way to complete power loss now. I was going to do a meanwell replacement as well at some point.


a red clicky that is rated for what I call the “plenty good enough” standard.

IE: I do not know, what you do not know.

more subjectively, if you fix it the warranty is over.

If you are suceessful witth your sovol ticket, 6 weeks later, you will have an Identical part to what failed appear in a mungy mailer.

Breadcrumbs out

@Lion How has the replacement switch worked so far? I need to get this thing up and running again.


I never replaced it. I had an issue for 2 days & it went away.
I did pulled the switch & fuse, it looked ok to me.
So right now, they are spares.

EDIT: Sovol was supposed to send me a switch but they never did.

Thanks for the update. Mine doesn’t toggle off anymore. The printer was having intermittent power problems for a couple days before it’s demise. Don’t have much choice at this time other than to wait for Sovol or order my own. The recent reviews of the one on Amazon show many failures which is stinky.

Well, I’m sure you know how to read the lines for reviews…
I didn’t buy mine from Amazon, but they are the switches I bought.
I put the switches side by side & they looked exactly the same to me.
Also, they are made by BIQU…you’d think they would know how to make a switch…JMO.

Alright, I just had to replace the switch in my SV06 Plus.

I turned it off & heard it sparking, turned it on & off 3-4 more time…did it every time.
I did notice 1 time the switch lit up, I don’t remember ever seeing that before, none of my other switches light up.

I used the switch above that I posted. I did not use the wires that came with the switch, they were a smaller gauge wire.
Turned printer on & off 3-4 times & no more sparking.
I didn’t have to replace any wire or terminals, everything fit fine.
The sparking wire was a little brown at the terminal cover, but the wire was fine.

So yes, these switches work fine as a replacement.

I bought one of these assemblies and it fit in nicely. However, it only worked for a few months. It just failed in exactly the same way as the original switch did. :frowning:

I’m considering jumpering the switch out and using an external power strip as a switch.

This might be a better option: 2pcs FILSHU IEC320 C14 Large Current Inlet Male Connector Plug with 15A Rocker Switch and 15A fuse,Heavy Duty 15A 125V power socket

The picture shows a switch rated at 16 A.

I would check your wires, this is the 1st post I’ve seen where this has happened twice.