SV06 Plus faulty power supply switch

About 2 weeks in to using my new SV06 plus, it’s been working pretty well after a small extruder problem (resolved with no help from customer support), and now the switch on the power supply is acting up. Sometimes it won’t turn on, sometimes it won’t turn off, and it’ll sometimes shut off mid print. I don’t know where to go from here. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance

My switch went bad after a few times using it. I got a replacement switch from Amazon. Been fine since. You could probably go through support too. But that will take weeks to get a switch.

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Would you mind sharing the Amazon link to the switch?

It’s in the thread I posted above.

Alright, I just had to replace the switch in my SV06 Plus.

I turned it off & heard it sparking, turned it on & off 3-4 more time…did it every time.
I did notice 1 time the switch lit up, I don’t remember ever seeing that before, none of my other switches light up.

I used the switch above that I posted. I did not use the wires that came with the switch, they were a smaller gauge wire.
Turned printer on & off 3-4 times & no more sparking.
I didn’t have to replace any wire or terminals, everything fit fine.
The sparking wire was a little brown at the terminal cover, but the wire was fine.

So yes, these switches work fine as a replacement.