Extruder banging to gantry permanently

When i auto z align the extruder raises to the top grinding permanently

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Mine too. Just got it yesterday. Curious about it, so you posted. It is hitting hard. Manual says will make some noise, but this is a bit more than some. Didn’t see manufacture date on box, so I don’t know when it was made. Pretty happy though. Set up machine, in less than two hours. Turned on and printed benchy after doing all the leveling procedures. OT: Lot better than Creality Ender 3 v2, was like days to put together, and lots of time adjusting and minimal upgrades, for last two years

Ya my printer is useless at this point… yours is doing it too? Why are you happy?

Mine is grinding up there permanently like 30 minutes or longer. I dont think we have same problem

Sorry,just noticed. It did one time at beginning but it was loud. I’m used to difficult printer, since first was creality ender3 v2, and came in all mostlly pieces, so had to put together almost completely. Check Reddit for some better threads on that issue you are having. More chances to find solution and possibly solve problem. Me, I would also look at the card and firwmare. Noticed one post on Reddit and it turned out the micro card, what Sovol calls TF card was defective, and became corrupted.

Ya i was getting a bluescreen i switched cards and driver and it fixed the bluescreen. But now the gantry grinding is a dealbreaker i hope they have a fix. I saw others with the same problem. I will try reddit, im not familiar with them. I would hope that sovol would respond. Ive been trying to buy a r eplacement extruder for my sv01pro but they said they wou k d check the warehouse?. They never got back to me.

It’s the budget printers. Compared to Creality, the Sovol is really nice. I first got their filament dryer, and the customer service was amazing. Notified shipped, upon arrival one more email, and then one of the reps sent me message how I liked the dryer. Compared to creality, send emails about question, and rare reply. Glad you fix the bluescreen. I’m sure they will reply. I’m trying to figure what nozzle the sv06 uses. Just ordered a bunch of different sizes for the ender 3, which is mk8. But now looking at the extra nozzle that came with the sv06, the nozzle thread cut looks different. Length same. Inner hole diameter is different . Visible cosmetic difference. sv06 is still relatively new to market, so it will be some time for upgrade parts to be available. Still finding my way around the sv06 so if i see some thread on the noise will post on here.

Check your end stop. I changed to an all metal hotend and rerouted wires, when I did a wire was stopping the hotend from actually hitting my X limit switch. Might be something as simple as that?

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My printer is the SV05.

did you try this then or what are your numbers in there?

I fixed it bought a new flash card and reinstalled software.