Extruder vibrating/grinding

I had a print stop mid way and the extruder started vibrating back and forth very rapidly and making a grinding noise. Shut everything down and started a different print. It started fine then did the same thing. I found that I could not turn extruder in either direction (yeah, steppers disabled). I disassembled the the extruder and found the motor will not turn in either direction by hand. Using pliers, you can feel it grind and ‘catch’ on the shaft. There’s no shavings or visual problems.
Working with Sovol now.
Anyone else experience this?
Did they send a new motor or complete extruder?

Never heard of this issue before.
From past experience, Sovol usually doesn’t send “a part”, you will most likely receive a complete extruder.

Sovol sent just the motor. Put it in and I’m up and running!
Thanks to Candy at Sovol for quick replies and no run-around.