MKS board inside

Hey all, I decided out of curiosity to open up the touchscreen on my SV07, and found some very interesting bits inside. I’ll attach pictures to this thread of the internal board, and close-ups of some of the interesting bits.

First, the board inside is labeled as the Makerbase MKS KLIPAD50 v1.1. I haven’t been able to find much regarding this board online, it’s not listed anywhere on Makerbase’s website, store, or github. What I did find of interest is that the storage for the device is a EMMC/NAND flash chip (specifically the Samsung KLM8G1GETF, datasheet for the curious: KLM8G1GETF-B041 pdf, KLM8G1GETF-B041 Description, KLM8G1GETF-B041 Datasheet, KLM8G1GETF-B041 view ::: ALLDATASHEET ::: ) using a special connector. On their AliExpress store (, they appear to have a USB adapter for this connector, meaning it should be possible for someone to pull the data off the chip from a new/unmodified machine and upload somewhere as a “fresh” copy of the software on this machine.

I also found a USB-C port that the case doesn’t reveal, labeled “Download”. I’m not sure what the specific purpose of this port is, or why it’s not revealed by the case, maybe a diagnostic or software upload port that’s not used after manufacture.

If anyone has any information on either of these points, or anything else, feel free to post here.

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Very interesting. Where does the antenna wire lead to? I have really crappy wifi connection with mine…

Antenna goes to a small strip of metal on the case, but there’s no reason you couldn’t get a better wifi antenna and hook it up. I saw someone got one of the sort you find on the back of a desktop wifi card or a router, and got it mounted at the top of the case

I just went through the Klipper/Armbian update using the 9/13 update from the Sovol downloads on my 07 Plus. Everything “appeared” to go as shown in the upgrade video, but upon reboot I’m bricked.

Thanks for the link to that EMMC module adapter. I’ve reported it, but I’ve no idea how long it will take for the Sovol team to get back to me. I’ve been hacking Linux since 1993 and figure I can get things sorted more quickly with my own efforts.

Love the keep-alive circuit to perform the proper shutdown when you power off.

I’m not sure how badly you’re bricked, but it’s not the first I’ve heard of the printer being bricked after applying that update. I did find a couple github repos for people with bricked machines, one includes instructions for a USB connection that gets you to a terminal on the MKS board, so you might be able to use that to restore connection to wifi and fix the klipperscreen software that runs the touch screen. Here are the links:

It’s never getting to the kernel load from what I can tell. The Blue LED never comes on and the display stays completely dark.

Really good thread here, solid info, questions with thought…

Why, does this have to relate to the art of depositing molten plastic in a pleasing shape.

I’m not a Luddite, My F1 crew shirt collection attests, but more so, I’m very much not a port person.

This entire marlin/klipper debate revolves around, and around, and around 1 thing.

functional understanding of configuring computer communication ports in several languages, none of which are midwest english, none of which are Gcode, meaning neither the operator, nor the machine, give a flying fuq about the process.

I have 5 printers, 3 or 4 work depending on maintenence.

I have a brand new SV-07 on the bench. fully assemble checked. squared & trammed. twin 60mmnoctua air curtain bits installed, 40mm control screen fan installed
bought it months ago when that dirt cheep sale was on.

Have not set aside the mental spacetime to turn it on, and deal with this bizarre world of com ports, and error screens and new teck.

oh my

Understanding the ports here is less important than you might think. Most of that is handled automatically. With the SV07, the vast majority of the configuration is done for you. I opened the screen up largely out of curiosity, and to understand the computer which was driving the machine. Klipper was a very new experience for me, having come from an Ender 3V2 with basic Marlin. The screen being a fully functional Linux ARM machine put me into a realm I have much more knowledge of, so I was curious to see if I could understand and tweak this in a useful way to me.

The largest benefit for me was that I could SSH in and mess with the configuration directly from my computer, no more fiddling with micro SD cards or a small screen-and-knob setup just to make minor configuration changes.

I hope that once you do work getting your SV07 set up, you’ll find it a joy to use as I have, as well as a very interesting learning opportunity. I hope more 3D printers come with Klipper installed moving forward, as it has made my experience in this world so much better from where I started. Perhaps not for the 3D printing beginner - I absolutely learned a ton from the E3V2, but a good evolution for certain.

for those intrested, this is the V1.0 board with heatsink and screen removed. i blew this one up up with 24v to the usb pins so figured i would do a bit more dissassembaly than others had

also, the replacement i got for it was a V1.2 (bottom) and it looks like they have moved the screen connectors to the other side and hidden/protected them under the screen

also, the heatsink is a lighter green and i dont like it (its not just the light in the photo)

Is it possible to do this without that emmc adapter like by following the guides posted.

I already have the ISO put on a flash drive.

My ability to connect is the biggest issue, like the Klipper screen is up but due to the Moonraker update (never again) I cannot log in. It doesn’t want to recognize ports.

I would hate to be stuck for a few weeks waiting for on a cheap part.

I also found a complete S7 build not in ISO form just a. zip file on reddit, not sure if that would help.

I just need to do a factory reset, is the adapter the only way to reflash it, in the guide for S7/S7 Plus its through the visible usb c slot.

For some reason it isn’t registering that port on my computer.

It could be on my laptop as I have made so many changes and run a Deeper DPN on that router and have a VPN.

None of this mattered before since if I bricked it I could just use the update file to factory reset.

Can’t find it on but can order it right now off aliexpress.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to re-flash the eMMC chip without the USB adapter. Given the MKS KLIPAD50 has no publicly accessible documentation, it’s currently unknown if the machine can even boot from USB.

I can connect to the board via USB-C - when I connect it to my computer, it creates a new COM port. In Windows, you can see this in the Device manager:

Using this information, I can connect to the device via PuTTY, and it shows up just like if I used SSH to access it:

However, since the OS is running off the eMMC chip, I don’t think you could use something like dd to reflash the chip from a USB-mounted .img file. Without this possibility, I’m not sure how else you could do this. I haven’t tried using the hidden USB-C port labeled “Download” on the board, so that may still be a possibility, but I’ll have to test that later when I have some more time.

Thanks for the write up, when I connected it I went into device manager and I think it something showing up ( I need to get home and try again) it had something like CH340 but I couldn’t connect it in Putty.

It didn’t look like the tutorial to reflash like no USB under Ports but something CH340 and in properties I, think it had initialized in events.

It made a sound when I connected it, I’ll try again.

Go on the main ISP router IP so I don’t have multiple devices chained together. is what it is trying to connect connect to and errors out after it retries like 50+ times.

Because it picks up the Printer when I turn it on makes me unable to do a flash update and reset.

I also noticed that tiny wifi connection.

I wish it had a reboot button.

If I had an older version Deb file like the one it comes with I could roll it back in theory by doing the update steps from Sovol.

Black Friday deals for Bambu Labs are on as of Today.

Creality K1 is cheaper than there newest bed Ender 3 , probably for a reason.

If anyone knows how to factory reset the machine without the Klipper board it would be very helpful.

Don’t really want to destroy the Klipper board messing around with stuff that I don’t know what I am doing.

If you find anything else thanks in advance.

Not sure what you had for speed, but it needs to be 1500000 (1.5Mbps)

When you turn on the screen, just leave the USB connection to the printer itself unplugged, just the power plug should prevent it connecting to the actual MCU, though I’m not totally certain if this is what you meant

It sort of does - the power button right side of the screen, about 1" from the bottom, if held down, will power the screen off - then push it again to turn it back on

Note: I did figure out how to get into the low level bootloader for the screen, and may have a way to flash the full firmware with a USB drive. No guarantees, but it’s something I’m working on currently, and will report back with my findings

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I had it working through com3 then while I was reflashing it disconnected and the Klipper board is bricked the screen is dead and it won’t connect.

Can’t get into it at all.

Don’t know where to start now.

I can connect but cannot enter anything into the Putty screen , no enter for login or any other commands just a blank screen that I can’t input anything into .

Stopping for the night as I’m ready to open up the mainboard at this point.

Had it working partially now FUBAR.