Repository containing SV06 parts specifications, look here: Everything-Sovol-SV06

Please consider adding to it if you can. Thanks!

Now do one for the SV07 /Plus where their is a huge void in information, comes with a dead MKSPI Klipper version and a legacy version of Debain Buster forked.

But it is using Klipper, Fluidd, Moonraker and MainsailOS but God forbid you try to update from Github.
Have corrupted my emmc in the MKSPI V1.

Their are images of both the Klipper board and the main board in the unbrick tutorials on Github and in a thread on here.

The SV07 /Plus ditch the rails for belts that loosen and plastic POM wheels.

I think a Klippered SV06 + is their best product.
The SV07 /Plus seem like a prototype that hasn’t been finished.

Mine has been down for the majority of time that I have owned it.

Waiting for a new emmc to install since I am now a electronics specialist since I have zero experience with 3D printers before ordering a SV07 in August.

How many things have to break before they send you a new extruder or Klipper Board? Or replace the machine?

3-4 week wait for each part. Sovol.

Everyone should go play with this and copy pasta the G-Code
Wanna make a support less orb? or Github and run it if you know Python.