SV07 Plus Error Messages

New to 3D printing. Just did my first print with the SV07 Plus with a 3D file I found from Printables. AWESOME! Amazing results. I then tried to print another file. Realized that it does not read .stl files so I tried to convert stl to gcode with PrusaSlicer. File loaded and appeared and preview visible in the queue but when I tried printing, gave me many errors.

10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M201”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M203”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M205”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M205”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M17”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M862.3”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M862.1”
10:09:44 // Unknown command:“M555”
10:09:53 // Unknown command:“M302”
10:09:56 // Unknown command:“G29”
10:09:56 !! Must home axis first: 42.000 -4.000 39.980 [-2.000]

The one’s that pop up on the screen for the Ms are M555 and M302. The !! Must home axis first: 42.000 -4.000 39.980 [-2.000] no idea what that is. I tried recalibrating don’t know if I’m doing it right and it doesn’t seem to work.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Looks like the begin print gcode is incorrect. I dropped prusa slicer for orca slicer recently. It is a much better slicer… fyi

So, first thing to do is go into the out dated socio slicer and look it over, speeds feeds, etc

Look at the machine settings.

Go into prusa and build a new config. I can tell you, orca slicer has an sv07 config in the machine setup.

Unfortunately I can’t send you a copy of mine, as I call a bunch of startup macros and it wouldn’t work for you with out the extra macros.

Biting off big chunks

I haven’t turned my 7 on yet, so, no opinion on any printer sorcific stuff, but broadly,
Prusaslicer wasnt made for sovol, and I dunno what version of PS you’re using, and what you have in all the boxes on the printer tab.

That all said

You have a mucked up start code

Good Luck

This is great feedback. Thank you. I have no idea how that start code gets generated. All I do is import the .stl file into Prusaslicer, hit the slice button then export as .gcode file. I only picked Prusaslicer because the other ones I’ve tried take hours to slice the stl file. Prusaslicer does it in seconds! I guess there’s a reason why it does it that quickly.

Ok I’ll try using a different slicer and see what happens.

Thank you.

Ok thanks for the feedback. I’ll try your suggested slicer and see if it works out better.

I have no idea what to modify in the codes. I’ve just left it as it was from the box and hit the print button but the ones that I could print turned out great.

OK, I think this is being made more complicated than it needs to be.

IIRC, the SV07 runs Klipper, is that correct?

Yes Klipper. This is all new to me so thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, Klipper is excellent.

All of the M errors you can simply ignore. All they’re saying is that those are Marlin gcode commands that Klipper hasn’t implemented. I’ve never had an issue with them.

The “must home axis” is important. When starting a print job, the printer absolutely has to establish a known starting point. It’s called ‘homing’. What it does is move the X, Y, and Z axes to a specific location. It then sets the position counters to known values and associates those values with the currect location of the printhead. Now, the printer can know where the printhead is during the print job.

To ensure the printer does a “Home All” at the start of every print job, in Prusa slicer you modify the Start G-code. It’s located under the Printer settings. Click on Custom G-Code. The top box is for Startup G-code. This is G-code that will be executed at the start of every print job.

Please copy the code that is in that box and paste it here.

Oh my gosh!!! The Orca Slicer worked! All this time it was just the slicer. I selected the printer, imported the stl file then exported it and sent it to the printer. Voila! It worked instantly!

Thank you @Rikk and everyone for your feedback and suggestions. This is literally my second print job and I’ll get more advanced and play around with the settings as I get more familiar with this. But for now…it’s working!!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

I was pondering that very move this am

Been on alphav4 since it dropped, haven’t checked to see if 2.6 is live

But, just did this model I dl, d awhile back, modern army helmet. and it has some wierd artifacts, I added a bit of fuzzy skin, which helped alot, but it added fuzzy on the inside of the helmet.

But erratically, in separate 3 bands, kinda related to variable layer changes with normal skin in between.

Orca is for sure worth a hard look

Nothing against Orca, but I would point out that Prusa Slicer can be configured to work quite easily. And, Prusa is starting to move their printers to Klipper, so I would expect them to make significant contributions to the Klipper project.

If you don’t own any Prusa printers there is less incentive to use their slicer ATM. As they move more to Klipper that could change.

The profile for the sv07 is an “optimal” profile. Hence it is slower than the printer is capable of running. I would start out by watching a few videos on YouTube about orca slicer an run a temperature tower to see what temp your filament prints best at, and a flow rate test to check if you need to adjust the amount of plastic being delivered. The cool thing about orca is all of the gcode changes for the test parts are automagically made for you, unlike cura slicer and others. Just thoughts 2 tests alone can improve your prints dramatically.

As an Update, I’m plodding thru Orca now.
First thing, before we shout yippe, one must examine the gift horse, a dentally focused examination to be sure, but nontheless.

all these machines are loaded with a single, 0.4, profile.

So, if you are using your 6+ with a 0.6 as you should be expected to…
your going to be essentially"making your own" by the time you tweak what needs tweeked.

Now, I finished tweeeking the Artillery SW-X2 offering, clicked the next inline SV06

It is setup to use Legacy Marlin,… So.

Looks like a line by line exam


i am using the new beta cura 5.5.0 just come out it as the sv07 klipper on it work very well, also i asked sovol when the new version of there software is coming out they said very soon still working on it

G90 ; use absoulte coordinates
M83 ; extruder relative mode

M104 S150 ; set nozzle temp to 150

G28 ; home all axes
M420 S1 ;load mesh

M140 S[bed_temperature_initial_layer_single] ; set bed temp
M190 S[bed_temperature_initial_layer_single] ; wait for bed temp to stabilize
M104 S[nozzle_temperature_initial_layer] ; set final extruder temp
M109 S[nozzle_temperature_initial_layer] ; wait for extruder temp

G1 X0.1 Y10 Z5.0 F1500 ; move to start position
G1 Z0.26 F150 ; Move lower
G4 S0.5 ; wait 0.5 seconds

G1 X0.1 Y150 Z0.3 F1500 E10 ; prime the nozzle
G1 X0.3 F1500
G1 X0.4 Y15 Z0.3 F1500 E15 ; prime the nozzle
G4 S0.1 ; wait 0.1 seconds

G1 Z0.6 F150 ; lift nozzle
G92 E0 ; Reset Extruder
G1 Z2 F150 ; lift nozzle more

Orca start code

I know a little bit about code.
But I also embrace dunning-Kreuger, so I will say with very little conviction,

this code smells wierd

M862.3 P “[printer_model]” ; printer model check
M862.1 P[nozzle_diameter] ; nozzle diameter check
M115 U3.12.1 ; tell printer latest fw version
G90 ; use absolute coordinates
M83 ; extruder relative mode
M104 S[first_layer_temperature] ; set extruder temp
M140 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; set bed temp
M190 S[first_layer_bed_temperature] ; wait for bed temp
M109 S[first_layer_temperature] ; wait for extruder temp
M900 K0.06
G28 W ; home all without mesh bed level
G80 ; mesh bed leveling
{if filament_settings_id[initial_tool]=~/.Prusament PA11./}
G1 Z0.3 F720
G1 Y-3 F1000 ; go outside print area
G92 E0
G1 X60 E9 F1000 ; intro line
G1 X100 E9 F1000 ; intro line
G1 Z0.2 F720
G1 Y-3 F1000 ; go outside print area
G92 E0
G1 X60 E9 F1000 ; intro line
G1 X100 E12.5 F1000 ; intro line
G92 E0
;M221 S{if layer_height<0.075}100{else}95{endif}

; Don’t change E values below. Excessive value can damage the printer.
{if print_settings_id=~/.(DETAIL @MK3|QUALITY @MK3)./}M907 E430 ; set extruder motor current{endif}
{if print_settings_id=~/.(SPEED @MK3|DRAFT @MK3)./}M907 E538 ; set extruder motor current{endif}

this is the slightly modded MK3+ code I’ve used for a dozen kilos

Also, I think we are not helping the OP threadjacking.
perhaps a section for slicer discussion is warranted.


I have an SV06 Plus. I am currently using the Sovol-Cura slicer as we are just learning it. I see that the SV07 Plus uses Klipper. What is the difference?

Klipper is a much faster firmware. It uses much better input shaping for faster print speeds. There is a guide to upgrade the sv06 plus, but it is still unstable, so I don’t really recommend it. The stock sv06 plus should be fast enough, but if you want to try to follow the guide, lookup bassamantor sv06 plus to klipper

Right now, Sovol has developed its own solution to upgrade SV06+ to Klipper.
The part is visible on the website Sovol.