SV07 experience so far


I’m not a newbie to 3d printers. I’ve used several and owned several before.

My opinion so far of the SV07 is:

  • The hardware is excellent. I really like the extruder it’s very easy to use (so far, I haven’t had to disassemble it yet though)
  • Everything worked ok out of the box


  • The calibration / initial setup steps are somewhat complicated - although I watched a few videos and completed them without trouble.
  • The firmware leaves a lot to be desired. I like the Klipper interface but it has some weird quirks.
  • I don’t like having 3 ssh logins with well-known passwords open by default.
  • I accidentally updated the OS - which bricked it. This is fixed now but it also comes with an update to the interface which seems worse (at least, the web interface has changed to Mainsail from Fluidd, which seems to have fewer features)
  • Support for non-Sovol slicer software is limited - I use Prusaslicer, and I’ve found a profile which works ok.

Documentation is ok for assembly and initial setup, but mostly nonexistent afterwards.

I did also add a 3rd party 0.6mm nozzle which seemed easy enough and works ok (for a few prints anyway)

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Orca slicer has a built in Sovol 07+.

True, but only two profiles (“Presets” as OrcaSlicer calls tem). For OrcaSlicer 1.9.1 they are 0.18 mm and 0.2 mm layer height.

Christian Vick has some custom presets that are available as add-ons to both OrcaSlicer and to the Klipper firmware. GerGO 3D had a pretty good video on it that walks you through all the steps, including editing the machine settings. Between that and the upgraded fans, the machine has become simply an appliance, yay :slight_smile: