Wanting to buy a second Sovol printer

I bought a basic SV06 a few weeks ago and i love it. I’ve done some upgrades to it and the last one was the klipper touch screen. Ive just posted a current issue with that and im sure its something simple. My question is what Sovol printer wound you buy next. I’m kinda interested in the Sv04 for the bigger print bed and the dual/mirror printing. What would be your choice? Thanks

I have an SV06 & SV06 Plus…love them both.
From all I’ve read the SV04 is buggy as shit, so I’m not sure on that.

Right now, my main printer is the Bambu A1 Mini & AMS Lite.

Yeah I’ve done some research on it. It seems that users have alot of tweaking to do on it. Do you have the klipper touch screen on your SV06? I just installed it the other day on mine. Im having trouble printing from the SD card.

No, I’ve decided to leave Marlin on.

I have 4 printers, 3 Marlin & 1 whatever Bambu installed… :laughing:

What screen do you have for the SV06 plus? Is it the klipper style touch screen? The whole reason why I went with the klipper was so i could see a picture of what the file I was printing. Sorry for all the questions but im pretty new to the hobby.

It’s the normal touch screen, no pictures.
There is a Cura plugin to add pics but I’ve never tried it on the Plus.

The A1 Mini shows pics in the color of the filament you choose to slice it with.

Didn’t go with Klipper because I didn’t want to learn a new system.

Yeah I think I’m going back to what I had on the printer originally.

I have SV07+ and SV06. Happy with both. Added Klipper to the SV06. Primarily to wifi send files and to work with configuration thru fluidd WiFi interface. When installed Klipper screen, Mainsail was the interface. Can easily get to fluidd with port change. Just bought Qidi X-Plus 3 to print with engineering plastics, a xy heated enclosed printer.