Sovol SV07 users - Idea read this

Good day all,

I have seen a lot of good, and bad posts on the SV07 standard and plus modles on this feed. I want to say that it does in fact have it’s issues, however - It is a good foundation. The kanametrics on this machine look strong, and is a good foundation for a good high speed bedslinger. I have done a few mods on my printer that has made a world of differance, the main being dumping the MKI processor and moving to the BTT Pad7. There are a few reasons most of us buy this printer, the primary being the cost - The other main reason is we tinker and make things better thatn they were to start with.

So, with that said. I would like to create a group of people to take this base system and make it better, hence learning from each others ideas and inputs. If I can get enough feedback on this idea, I would think having a discord channel and a place to share files and info would be a good idea. Free, and open.

Enough said, If your interested reply to this. If enough interest arises we can continue from there.

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I bought my SV07 Plus because I thought it is a good deal. Some YouTube videos are really bragging about this machine. I can not say it worked right out of the box. I had to tighten a lot of screws before it started to work, but I still have some issues. Temp problems, Print is not sticking to the build plate, etc.A lot of time spending calibrating it. And I have trouble to connect the Printer to my just downloaded Orca slicer, because I saw a lot of positive comments on this slicer. But I still hope I get it going that way that my old Anicubic I3 did it for the last years. Very seldom a bad print out of that one. The new SV07 is awesome fast and the quality of the parts seem to be real good. I really hope, it will work well after the tinkering in the beginning.

I was having adhesion issues as well. I think I may have just gotten mine sorted out. For me I believe it was two things. First I had bed temps too high for SILK PLA causing the material to be bendable. The other piece was that my hot end fan shroud was loose and scraping across the prints. When that happened it would first cause the filament to bend up a little bit, then next time through it would pull it up more because the initial bend would have allowed the material to cool and be less flexible.

I’m running a test print as I type this to see if it resolved my issue and so far so good.

I have had my SV07+ for a couple of months now and I am still struggling with adhesion issues. I am trying to run CV’s Orca Slicer profiles and I barely got one print to work so far, slowing it down to 50mms. Is there a set of instructions somewhere that I can go to that will help solve these adhesion issues? I am all about tinkering and trying to squeeze more out of a printer. In fact, that is why i bought this, but after more than a month without a solid print it is getting a little frustrating. This is my first printer but I am learning a lot. Still having fun but I feel like I am missing some basic foundational items.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I washed my print surface with a fine steel wool pad and dawn soap, cleaned it with isopropyl alcohol, and apply 3m purple glue stick and have no issues at all. If you go the scrubbing route do not scrub hard, just burnish the surface.

A discord server somewhere (or even just a channel on one related to printing) would be cool. OK. I was seeing the same bed adhesion issues too (and sometimes sloppy looking overhangs) and it took me awhile to ID the root cause: insufficient parts cooling. There was another thread here where someone was trying to print 4-up hearts fidget thingie on the board, and having the head knock the print off. There are a couple things I changed. One was the settings for the Orca profile I use for nearly everything (CVs 150mms) so that the first layer and first layer infill run at only 50mms; set the slow layers to 2. The other was going through a series of parts cooling fan setups to find the right one. The most recent of these is up on printables (link below) and seem to have solved all of the problems. Overhangs look good now, and when the layer time is long enough you can crank up the speed via fine controls. Any time the nozzle is connecting with the print, there hasn’t been time (or enough parts fan action) for the layers to cool, so that’s your cue to crank down the speed. I may upgrade this thing to bigger fans in the future … waiting to see how it works out over the next few weeks. Got the idea from looking at fast printers of all types, and the one thing they all have in common is good parts fans on the print head. Anyway the item is called “Dual 5015 parts fan mount for Sovol SV07+” and it’s here. Printables

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Hi, I had the same problem after changing filament brand. Elegoo was sticking, Ender PLA very poor. I cleaned the bed with normal glass cleaner (Clin, Ajax are the brands available her, no need for special cleaner) and use ultra strong hairspray (discounter brand, very cheap). That works perfecly for me. Bed temp at 50-60 deg.