Sovol SV07 users - Idea read this

Good day all,

I have seen a lot of good, and bad posts on the SV07 standard and plus modles on this feed. I want to say that it does in fact have it’s issues, however - It is a good foundation. The kanametrics on this machine look strong, and is a good foundation for a good high speed bedslinger. I have done a few mods on my printer that has made a world of differance, the main being dumping the MKI processor and moving to the BTT Pad7. There are a few reasons most of us buy this printer, the primary being the cost - The other main reason is we tinker and make things better thatn they were to start with.

So, with that said. I would like to create a group of people to take this base system and make it better, hence learning from each others ideas and inputs. If I can get enough feedback on this idea, I would think having a discord channel and a place to share files and info would be a good idea. Free, and open.

Enough said, If your interested reply to this. If enough interest arises we can continue from there.

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