New printer packaging

Hi guys, got my new SV03 and very happy with the quick set up.

It did however take a good hit while in the box (although no sign of external damage on the box), managing to slam the print bed into the frame, this in turn damaged all the carriage wheel and flat spotted them. ( waiting for some new wheels off ebay).

May I suggest a little more packing Sovol :slight_smile:

On close inspection the bed leveling screws are too long ( new shorter screws ordered of ebay) which catch the bed cables.

Had to make some gantry cable clips to hold up the cables ( good setup but just not thought out fully)

Couple of upgrades I have done, new fan shroud (better cooling, still needs a better 360 shroud), cable clips.

Need to upgrade, fans (need ear plugs), any suggestions welcomed, linear rails on the Y axis( its a lot of wheels to keep replacing). Rear motor pulley cover (another oversight).

But overall very happy with the machine, printed straight out of the box (once assembled), only had to reduce the flow rate.

Touch screen has turned up now, so will see what issues that will through up.

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