My SV06 Plus arrived!

Well - it’s here. And, it’s definitely bigger than the SV06 :smiley:

Setup was around the same 20 minutes as the original. Printing the Lighthouse demo using IIIDMax PLA+.

This is going to be a long three weeks waiting for mine. Shipping date is supposed to be 4/23.

got mine all set up PLA worked great, ABS killed my printer. At least I got 1 day out of it…

ABS Killed it how? Doesn’t look dead.

Yeh, @ulao, give us a clue to the details of why you think it’s dead. What’s wrong with it?


I revived it, the filament backed up cause many issue ( I was not the only one) but got it sorted out.

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ABS is one reason I’m looking forward to this printer. Any tips about using it would be a help. I’ve heard it shrinks but I’ve never used it before.

turn off part cooling!

use a hot temp 240

use good filament not cheap stuff

put a heart lamp on the bed or in a cage

Do not let the filament get stuck in the spool.

Black is best IMO but other colors work.

glue the bed well! Glass beds are best but that is out here.

I’m just now starting with ABS. Ordered a batch from IIID Max and am working on a couple of projects that will benefit. Also, some TPU in my future, so I’m going to be learning as I go.


I made cura profiles for ABS,TFU,Wood,Pla, and PETG

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Which Cura? Sovol’s or mainstream? Would you mind sharing?


For a while I only used PLA but now I mostly use PETG. I have done some TPU but it was tough with my old printer. It only supported PLA so I had to manually edit the g-code after extracting it from the proprietary print file format. So looking forward to an open source printer.

That crap they shipped with sovol is not Cura, it looks like Cura, but its not LOL. I hated it.
sovol.rar (133.0 KB)
in here are custom profiles for each filament type I have. Also a printer config for older Cura’s

For me I used the Cura 4.13 and the default SV04, then changed the start and end config that I have in that included cfg file. I also mae a model for the bed image so the grid was right.

I will not run Cura 5, because I do not like win8+

Nobody liked Win8. That’s why they have Win10.

EDIT: Now I see the + after Win8. So Win 10 is also a no go?

I have to say it is better yes, but I just do not like the child like behavior. You knwo the googoogagam I want to just rearrange everything for no reason. I was going to jump on 11 but its back to trash, I have to use that for work. IDK, may 12.

Yeah, I looked into 11 but it is trash like you said. I probably won’t move to another OS until this one is so old that nothing will run on it.

Will it work on windows 7

I use 4.13 cura in win7 now.

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Awesome if I get the printer working again I may need to download cura4.13
Thanks for information

Will Lexan Polycarbonate sheet work as a plate