Sv06 on ABS

Just tried my first ABS print on my SV06.
Bed 80c nozzle 235c print speed 80 fan 25%.
And after the first layer the print gets off the bed and sticks to the nozzle.
What am i doing wrong?
Just started with printing so it must be me :rofl::grin:

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If using Cura first step is always level, then extrusion, then calibration for temperature. I was for 2 years very lazy about doing these, but now that I found the Cura plugin to do it, it has made huge difference. Not much leeway to do extraction length since Sovol recommends 0.50 retration. The temperature tower will show everything you need as long as the machine is adjusted properly.
I don’t use Prusa Slicer.
I’ve messaged Sovol about tips, and the did reply so best course is ask them if they ahve abs configuration settings, then message or facebook group for filament.

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You need an enclosure to print abs. If it’s a hot summer day you might get away with it with glue sticks.

Nozzle temperature at least 260c.
Bed temperature at least 90c.