Extruder Hits Print on my Sv06

I am printing then the extruder hits the print. I am using PLA at 60 bed temp, 195 nozzle temp, 100 fan speed. What do I do next?

Soo I took a video and this is what it looks like.
RPReplay_Final1707954183.qt (7.0 MB)
Is it a problem with Bed adhesion or something else?

That’s a Bed Adhesion issue.
Clean your bed with IPA or soap & water.

If it happens again, add some Elmer’s Purple to the plate.

I couldn’t tell from the video if that was a brim or those little corner circles.
Also, sometimes the time lapse will cause an issue…when the hotend moves back, sometimes it will ooze filament. This will cause some strings to form & the nozzle will hit these.
But that print came of the bed to easy, so it’s an Adhesion problem.

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turn on z hop, look for youtube videos on it. Have you done a temp tower with that filament? I find that I do best with a nozzle in the 210 to 220 range.