Setup for ABS

Hey there,

I have a bunch of old ABS filament that I would like to use up (eventually). It is from my old DaVinci printer and most of it is in their proprietary cartridges, but it’s easy to get at the reels inside. I also have a Sovol filament dryer so I should be able to dry it out properly before use.

I’m somewhat concerned that the SV06+ doesn’t have an enclosure and from experience, ABS needs to remain hot and cool slowly to print correctly, i.e. if it cools too fast it will warp and the layers can separate.

So I’m wondering what you fellas do when printing ABS… do you have an enclosure for the printer and what hot end fan speeds do you run? How have your ABS prints gone?

Any info/experiences greatly appreciated.



if I need to print abs or asa I usually try to reserve those prints for summer, or if I have an enclosed space that is near the printer volume/ area(eg a walk in closet with power point(s) I also set up a heater to increase the ambient temp in the space to 30c+

I do a bit of ASA, big stuff in the hut, small stuff with a draft shield. shitty fussy PIA models get both.

use a double wide skirt for the DS, single can pop loose shape dependent
103/98 bed 268/262 noz

Thanks, yeah I might wait for a few months before attempting the ABS. It’s “winter” now in Brissy, still around 23C high during the day, but probably not warm enough for ABS. Might look into getting an enclosure for it.