Initializing print causes tilt in Z-axis

Machine: Stock SV06 plus with the latest firmware. With around 20 hours of print time.

Slicer: Sovol, prusa slicer, and Cura 5.4.0

Issue: Z-axis tilts on one side while initializing G-code.

Details: A grinding sound occurs as the tool head is lowered to begin print causing a tilt/misalignment in the Z-axis. The grinding sound doesn’t happen when moving Z-axis during auto leveling or at any other point.

Unsuccessful fixes: properly tightening, greasing, aligning all bushings, fittings, and bolts as per Sovol’s YouTube page.

Possible Solution: Chuck it into the gutter and buy a Prusa.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


To have a perfect synchronization of the z-axis, I suggest you install this:

Have a nice day.

Hey Sovol any response?? Hello?

For people reading this in the future just buy a Prusa. Crap product, crap software, crap company. Stay away. After buying one of these I can say there is no benefit. Crap product that requires upgrading every single little part to print well.