X-Axis Endstop

Hello, I have a serious problem with my SV06. I set up and leveled the printer according to the instructions. I finished with “store Settings”!
With every print (regardless of whether the Benchy from the original Sovol SD card or a Benchy created in PrusaSlicer) the X-axis moves completely to the left before the start of printing and after the end of printing without considering the end stop and makes long loud noises like during the setup process. After setup, the printer should actually know where the end of the axis is, right?

Moving all the way to the left before and after printing is normal behavior, but can you describe the noise your printer makes? Does it seem like the stepper motor is struggling or anything like that?

If this is only about the noise, it’s been discussed here:

Changing the settings fixed the problem for me.

Look at the Start G-code in your slicer software. Every printer has Start G-Code and End G-code. Initially they are provided by the manufacturer, but you can modify the code as it suits you (on your own risk). You can disable homing (G28) here but I would not recommend that.


Try this:

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Super merci j’avais exactement le même problème avec la mienne ! SOVOL à vous de corrigé ça pour les futur utilisateurs MERCI
Je précise reçu aujourd’hui la mienne