SV06 normal noise?

It doesn’t do it every time but it is really loud. It does it only at the start of a new print. Is this normal?

Volume warning:
SV06 noise

I had that a few times, but after completing the calibration of x,y and z it stopped doing it.

You need to change your sensorless homing setting. From this thread:

“Try in Advanced Settings >TMC Drivers> Sensorles Homing value to 68 or 69 for both x and y. Or until it stops grinding.”

I know your issue isn’t bed leveling like that linked thread, but your sensorless homing on the X axis needs tuning. It shouldn’t grind like that. It should basically just bump the side and then it’s done - no grinding at all. It’s just a firmware setting though you can adjust via the screen, so should be an easy tweak.


This looks like it working. My X was 65 and Y was 68. So can i just increasing it until it is softer? Does X and Y have to be the same number? I don’t think I had any issues with the Y.

It is a bit of a thud and minor grind when coming from the center:

Its a thud when it is right next to the side

I have my X and Y set to 80 now. Much better. Thank you!

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Awesome - glad you got it fixed up. I haven’t had to tune it on mine, but it look like you got it setup great now!

To answer your question though, no, X & Y can be different so they don’t have to match. Sounds like both set to the same value gives you a great result, but they are independent values.

It is possible that the loud noise you are hearing is the result of the printer’s stepper motors initializing at the start of a new print. This is a normal sound that can be heard when the printer is first powered on or when a new print is started.