Sovol SV06 making robot like noises

Hey everyone, just got my SV06 in the mail a couple of days ago and I’m loving it!!! I made a couple of cookie cutters, and my last print was the “Thing” hand which took 1 day and 4 hours.
After that big print, I noticed my printer making almost robotic noises. Is this normal? This is my first 3D printer, and I’m figuring out everything as I go. But the printer was fairly quiet before this long print. Now I don’t think I could sleep with it going (It’s in my room).
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much!!

It’s my first filament 3d printer too, and I was taken aback by the noise. However I saw a video on YouTube from “3d Printing Nerd” where he unboxes the SV06, and he gets that noise too.

It’s apparently “sensorless homing”. I believe that the motors ram against the sides on purpose, to force them into position, because there aren’t any sensors to detect the correct position. I guess that’s why it’s in the budget printing category.

Here’s the video. It happens at 1:07:19. I was concerned, because he didn’t know what it was either, and some folks mentioned sensorless homing in the chat (it was done live).

Yeah, I’m familiar with the grinding noise. That seems normal especially when getting it set up. But my problem is it’s making sounds. Like one would think a robot would make. Bee Bob, and high pitch humming if that makes sense. While it was making the thing hand the only thing that could be heard was the fan. It’s in my room and my wife and I can barely notice it. But now, I think with the added sound coming from it, it may be a little hard to sleep at night.

Sorry - I misinterpreted your post. I see what you mean. Could it be coming from the rods? I saw a video that as part of regular maintenance you should grease them. On another topic in this forum someone else recommended that too… im planning on doing that soon. The guy on the video recommended Super Lube #21030.

I tried to capture the sounds with my phone. I have a wife and kids so ppl not talking is pretty much impossible lol.
But now I see I can’t post it…

I’ve had these noises from robots before. this has nothing to do with the stops when the printer is zeroed. I believe the robot noises come from the superimposition of the two X / Y motors. this is the way I observed it when printing ovals.

So is there a way to fix this or is it normal? As I mentioned, it didn’t start happening until after I did the 28 hr print. I do plan on ordering some lube for all the rails, it seems like they all need it to me, but I really would like to stop all the squeaks and beeps if possible.

In my opinion it is normal. I don’t think it has anything to do with lubrication. It is possible that the belts have become a little looser with the 24-hour print and are now making the noise a little louder. But before you break anything. the final maybe clarify Sovol himself. :grinning:

Try to add lubfrification to all the bearings. When they leave the factory they only put some protective thing on them but they need propper lubrification. Then the noise is getting better.

Pretty sure it’s from pressure advance. The motors are changing their acceleration around corners and that’s when you can hear a strange sound, if we’re talking about the same thing. I figure it’s that because I noticed the sound changed while I was calibrating pressure advance.

Do you know if Pressure Advance is enabled in their firmware? I have an SV06, and am trying to tune PA, and I’m not sure that I’m seeing any changes in the test print with varying K values. Can anyone confirm whether PA is enabled in firmware? Thanks.