How to calibrate z Axis?

Hello everyone, I have now printed a lot of calibration cubes and have now reached a print quality that corresponds to me.
the x and y axes are very good in terms of dimensional accuracy, i just don’t like the z axis.
x=20.01 y=20.05 and z=20.27.
How can I correct the steps to get the height to an acceptable level.
this is my first 3d printer i have never made such settings before.
thank you for your help.

German Version.
Hallo zusammen, ich habe nun sehr viele kalibrierwürfel gedruckt und habe nun eine druck Qualität erreicht dir mir entspricht. die x und y achsen sind soweit sehr gut in der maßgenauigkeit nur die z achse gefällt mir nicht. x=20.01 y=20.05 und z=20.27.

wie kann ich die schritte korrigieren um die Höhe auch in ein akzeptables Maß zu bekommen. das ist mein erster 3d drucker ich habe noch nie zuvor solche Einstellungen vorgenommen. danke für eure Hilfe.

Hilfe in deutsch bevorzugt vielen Dank

Gonna follow this thread im curious too isnt it the same type of thing for x and y axis?

I didn’t know how I calibrate any axis im lucky that x and y axis so accurate from the beginning

Just go into Advanced Settings, Steps, and adjust z-steps per millimetre, which defaults to 800. (On my printer anyway)

20 / 20.27 * 800 = 789.

Before you go changing anything however, make sure you measure across the middle of the faces, not across the corners.

I get a little bit of corner bulging on my calibration cube - especially at higher speeds, so a calliper across the corners will show a dimension that is slightly too big, whereas measuring across the middle of the faces shows its almost perfect in size.

Also did you do your test print with bed adhesion raft by any chance ? Repeat the cube with no bed adhesion (printing directly to the bed, with the bed heated) and you may get a different result.

The “raft air gap” setting which is required to make it possible to snap a piece away from a raft is likely to introduce a slight dimensional inaccuracy in the z-axis as it deliberately prints the first layer above the raft further away from the layer below than normal to create a deliberately weakened bond that can snap away later.

If you print directly to the bed with no bed adhesion setting you may find the calibration is correct in which case I would leave it alone.

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Ah ok so that’s the calculation 20mm from calibration Cube / my measured result * 800 the origin = what I need to Adjust the high.

Perfect I understand thank you. I will try it when I wake up and check it.