New S05 -need help to calibrate Z offset

I have a new S05, just assembled, and it’s not printing correctly, a friend looked at the results and said I need to adjust my Z offset.

Is there a how-to for this model?

The objet bring printed isn’t sticking to the bed and ends up getting dragged around by the print head.

I’ve done the auto-leveling, that doesn’t help.

Appreciate help, very new to 3D…

I can’t tell if your Z Offset is wrong from the photo but you certainly don’t have good first layer bed adhesion. Auto bed leveling is not the first step, in my opinion. Calibrating the actual distance between the nozzle and the bed is critical as well as the proper temperature of the nozzle and the print bed. I use a metal feeler gauge of .006, a nozzle temp of 200 and a bed temp of 60.
Beginning on page 14 of the 3D printer user’s manual for the Soval SV05 printer, you can find all the information about setting up the printer for printing. Pay special attention to the screen displays on page 16, then follow along with the BED LEVELING steps on page #16 and calibrate your Z offset in step #4. I will run thru these steps twice with my nozzle heater OFF (so I don’t get unwanted filament drips) and the bed temp set to 200.
I tried to memorize the display screen sequence but I am too old. I just scanned pages #14 thru #17, enlarged the output in Photoshop and printed a set of wall charts.

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Thanks very much for replying!

I actually did a reset from the control panel, then did an auto level, then loaded saved settings, and my next three projects printed perfectly… Of course no idea why.

I printed the 20mm xyx calibration cube, and then a wall mount for a Hubitat hub (home automation hub), which I printed twice as I have two hubs. All three prints were good.

The current Z offset is -.9mm.

I’ll review the pages and processes you referred to, thanks for that.

Using that gauge, do you look for clearing without touching, or a very light touch, or ?

Well I’ve done a couple more prints, and as long as I level the bed before printing, things are working fine. So I think I’ve resolved my problems at this point.

Thanks very much for your help!

You are very welcome. I am not an expert by any stretch but I have survived many of the typical startup issues.
I use the feeler gauge and a “light touch” to set the bed height.

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