SV05: Bed Levelling distance doesn't match

I’m proud owner of a SV05 and try for some days already to level the bed. I first tried it following the manual page 16.

Since the distance between bed and nozzle was really huge I set the z-axis offset to 0.5, then I started the bed tramming, put a piece of paper on the bed and adjusted the knobs, so there was a little resistance pulling out the paper. I adjusted all four corners and it looked pretty good.

Now, when I start a print, the distance between bed and nozzle is very big again. On the screen information on page 14 I see, there’s also a z-axis offset setting in the “Printing” > “Turn” section. Do I also have to adjust this setting to the z-axis offset I already set in the “Bed Leveling” > “Probe Z Offset” section?

Is there anywhere a introduction how to start levelling from zero? For me the manual has a lack at that point, because it starts too late.

Thanks in advance!

I found the problem. I read in a blog entry, I have to select “Store” in the menu. That made it. Now, the bed seems to be levelled as expected.

hi, @Newbie Glad to know that you’ve solved the problem. In case you come across a similar issue in the future, besides the guidebook, here we also recommend the video tutorial for you: Sovol SV05 Unboxing & Assembly Guide: How to set up the Sovol SV05 Cubic Direct Drive 3D Printer - YouTube. The leveling guide is in the last part of the video, start from 8:14.