Bed leveling on SV04 - Extruder 2 set screw

In trying to follow the SV04 IDEX Leveling Tutorials video, I am unable to lossen one One of the extruder-2 set screws with the hex wrench. It just turns and doesn’t catch the screw. the extruder will not move freely to the top of down to the bottom. what can I do? can this extruder be taken off if I loosen all the screws in the back and then somehow drill that screw out?

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I had the same issue with mine. I had to remove the plate by taking out the screws in the back that the video says to loosen. Be careful of the springs on top of the two rods as the assembly will want to fly apart a bit when you do this. I removed the extruder and the set screws that would turn. then used pliers and wd40 to pull the rod out. Since the one tiny set screw was the only thing holding it in there it didn’t take too much effort or damage anything. My stubborn set screw still had a tiny bit of grip left in the clockwise direction so I was able to turn it all the way through the hole. I reassembled without the screw and everything worked fine. I talked to Sovol about it and they sent me some new screws but I haven’t noticed a difference since I put it back in. Hope this helps. Good luck.

I ordered some mini screw extractors that go down to 1.0mm. I will try to extract it and if unsuccessful, dismantling it like you did and drill it out. the QA leaves questions to say the least.

Oh, nice. I was impatient and decided to go for it with what I had on hand. QA may leave a bit to be desired but that was the only issue I had with mine.

the extractor didn’t work. I don’t want to drill and further damage the extruder. I will return the unit and get an Ender 3 S1 Pro… I didn’t even turn this printer on yet…jeez.

Can I have some pic of which screw cannot be extracted? Then we can have a plan on
how to solve or reissuse.

it is the bottom screw in the picture. the hex key spins and will not catch.

I am unable to move the extruder up or down at this point.

You can refer to the documentation tutorial, try to remove the screws, pay attention to using the tools mentioned in the documentation, and follow the documentation instructions.
If the screw cannot be removed according to the instructions in the document, please email with your order id and manufacturing id(which is the QR code under the hotbed) to ask for a reissue of the accessories for replacement. :wink:
SV04RightExtruderKnobAdjustmentGuide.pdf (498.8 KB)

You must think I don’t know how to turn a set screw. I returned it because brand new out of the box I shouldn’t have to deal with this factory mistake of strip[ping the screws. you need to tell your factory assemblers not to over tighten.

I’m sorry that this has troubled you. Thank you for your feedback, we will report this issue to the factory production department.