Dual extruder, Z adjust of the 2nd head

I just had a difficult time getting the Z-adjust correct on the second extruder of the SV04 due to the head raising some seemly random amount as the locking set screws are tightened. Meanwhile I have one set screw that needs replacing before I won’t be able to loosen/tighten it with the allen wrench.


  1. The 2nd head raising about a paper height is normal when the lock set screws are tighten right, or should I be looking to something to fix? I have seen other posts about this problem, so I am thinking it is normal.

  2. Looks to me that the set screws could be replaced with short M3 allen head screws. I can see that on the left side of the 2nd extruder, the screws can not be so long that they could ever interfere with the 1st extruder. First glance shows that there is certainly room for the M3 screw head plus a few mm within the space where the extruder fans would hit first. Currently my printer is set up just right, but I plan to try this shortly.

Thank you for any insight/help you can provide.

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THIS IS A BAD IDEA, see later post. 6mm screw and head is too long!

Replaced the 4 grub screws with M3x6mm screws. You can see in the attached pic with the two extruders adjacent, that the fan screws collide well before the grub screw replacement screw heads would. Also shows that the screw heads are not flush, allowing the screw end to tighten against the guide rod just as the grub screw would. Just have to be careful not to over torque the screws with the larger allen wrench. I expect this to be easier to work with.

It just hit me that Sovol has made great efforts to reduce the weight of these direct drive heads, and I’ve gone an added weight… I know adding weight impacts print quality and speed. Probably worse, since I’ve only made the changes to the second, this could force differences in settings between the two heads and possibly make the management of the printer as a system unwieldy. I can not quantify the impact, only hope that it is insignificant.

6mm screw with large head was too long. I was surprised when I went to print today that the lower right side, bottom screw head hit the X stepper motor side before the X stop is signaled. Sorry about posting this untested.

I will look into shorter5mm/smaller head screws.

Tried shorter button top M3x5mm screws and the clearance issue remained. Went back to near stock, replacing the 3mm set screws with 4mm set screws. They seem to have a deeper throat for the allen wrench. Also, I will no longer use the a ball end allen head wrench on these small screws.

Hello Chrashing.
Really sorry for the late reply.
We do not recommend that you use the screws you mentioned, please try using jack screws
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Thank you for the reply. Yes, I think what you are calling a “Jackscrew”, I call a “set” or “grub” screw, which is what I went ended up going back to, as originally on the machine. I learned that there is no room for a screw with a head on it.