Right printer head issues?

After lots of work, and failed prints. I have the left head printing great. But the right head is not close enough to the bed to print. Yes I have it adjusted all the way down. Still takes 4 sheets of paper to even get it to drag any at all.
Is there a step I’m missing to get the right nozzle to get closer to the bed?

22 1/2 hour print from the left side today.

Did you adjust, for the 2nd extruder, its height with the knob present on it ?

Yes I did adjust with the knob. Its all the way down. Nozzle still does not get close enough to the bed. Around 4 sheets of paper away at best when knob is moved where its in the lowest spot.

Have you tried disassembling the right extruder to adjust it better ?

NO I have not taken it apart yet.
Guessing I will now work on the right side. Any ideals on what or how the right side can be adjusted when apart?
I’m sure I could make room where the head can drop down on the mounting bracket. But not sure that’s a good ideal.

First, you should check if all the screws of the gantry are properly tightened.

Gantry screws are tight. Not sure the left head could print that print if it were loose. But will check them again.

You’re right, it’s not sure.
But, … your gantry may be tight enough to work with only one extruder but not two.
Who knows ? The IDEX is very peculiar.

Just finished going over the whole Gantry again. All’s tight will take the right head apart and see what I can do to get it lower.
Thanks for all the info so far. I started to send it back. But just hate to give up that fast. I know it will get worked out. So far love the printer, get both sides working it will be great.

You could minimize the Z-distance between both nozzles by disassembling the heat block & changing the position of nozzle and heat-break. Turning out the nozzle of the right print head by 1/2 rotation will change 0.5mm in Z-height & should be sufficient to solve that problem. Don’t forget to fasten the heat-break tightly.

Thanks but I did that also about an hour ago. I also took the bottom mounting adjustment block off the bracket. Sanded it down to the point. I now have it close, but still need to move it down a little more. But getting closer to getting it there. I did mark the block and head. I will look may not have turned it but a 1/4 turn. Did not want to go too far.

Got the right printer head where it will somewhat print now. But the left nozzle block? Is leaking filament out the holes in it?
Was printing a long print, at 17 hours it messed up and was printing in thin air. Come to find out the rubber part around the nozzle was full of filament and it was packed in there tight.
Any ideals what to look for ?

The mess is highly likely caused by a gap between nozzle and heat-break in the heat block. This allows molten filament to spill out. This will fix it:

  • Disassemble the extruder & heat up the heat block.
  • Wear gloves & remember the Z-height distance between left and right nozzle iot reach a correct nozzle position.
  • Hold the nozzle using a wrench & screw in the heat-break sturdily using tongs.
  • Assemble the extruder & level both extruders.

Thanks did that this morning. I have not gotten to run anything yet. But will let you know if that fixes it. Also again Thanks for the info.

It was the nizzle tightened it and the tube back up. Been printing for 36 hours. Thanks for the info.