Issue with adjusting X-Axis

I cannot get the bed to level properly. I believe the problem is with the left side of the x-axis. When I try to level the left using the provided spacers, the left side always drops to a lower position than the right. It is not maintaining position. I thought I had it resolved but when I print, the left side drops during the print which puts the nozzle too close to the bed and the print fails. I was really looking forward to using my first IDEX printer as I like to print in multiple colors and hate having to change filament during a print. I’m extremely frustrated and am ready to return the printer.

Sounds strange - you may want to ensure that you:

  • tried to lower the left Z axis manually by turning it when motors were powered off &
  • heated up the printer bed well before leveling it & saved afterwards
  • checked the proper fit of the eccentric columns of your printers Y-axis

Thank you. I will give this a try.

Could you pls try to see if the video works for you?