Will not maintain X-axis level

I have been unable to maintain X-axis level.

I leveled the x-axis as instructed with the included spacers. However, I can feel the x-axis binding when making the adjustment. I proceeded to level as instructed. After 1st print I began to have bed adhesion on the right side. I rechecked the x-axis level with the spacers and it is 2 mm high on that side again.

Any ideas?

I’m not sure what could be binding (I’m guessing you mean the Z axis), but do you have both Z axis motors plugged in?

hi @Jacksdup sorry to read about your trouble. Could you pls re-level the machine based on this leveling guide?

Leveling steps:

  1. auto level>auto z-align wait for the process to complete.
  2. bed leveling.>auto home to preheat the nozzle and bed
  3. “hit the auto home” again when the temp reach your target
  4. place a A4 paper between the hotbed and nozzle
  5. bed leveling>probe z offset
  6. scroll the knob to let the nozzle just scratch the paper slightly(around .2mm)>store settings
  7. bed leveling>level the bed then wait for the process, after finishing, store the settings
  8. install the filament and insert the tip part into the extruder>print from media and wait for the printing to complete.