Levelling Issue

I’ve recently bought an SV04, and it’s a good printer.

I’ve only had it for 2 days running.

I’m no noob to 3D printers, but I’m not man enough “not” to ask for help :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway levelling is no fun when it comes to multiple heads, and so far I am yet to see anything to change my mind.

To the point…

I went through the levelling procedure many times, however the results are the same.

I level the left head, to a very similar height that an A4 sheet of paper will allow.

We have the 5 positions on the printer for levelling.

All 5 of those positions with the left head are perfect.

However when it comes to the right head, this is where the fun starts.

If I make the right head good for position 1, 2 and 5, position 3 and 4 will be very loose.

If I make the right extruder tight for position 3, and 4, I will experience scraping of the build surface.

Anyone else have this issue?

Assuming that you already adjusted X-offset & Y-offset using the “Calibration.3mf” file on the SD-Card & saved to EEPROM you may want to check that:

  • the 4 small grub screws that hold your right print head are hand-tight at least. Otherwise the heigth difference between left and right nozzle will change when the right print head moves along the X-axis.
  • all eccentric roller bearings of both print heads located on the Y-axis are fitting without play;
  • the travel paths of the rollers on the v-slot profile are free of dirt on top & bottom side;
  • all roller treads are free of dirt;
  • the tension of both Y-axis timing belts is equal;
  • both print heads are moveable with the same slight resistance when the motors are powered off.