Z offset calibration

I’ve mostly gotten my new printer working and have made some prints. Some good some not so good. I’ve learned that the Z offset is super important which is fine, except mine seems be change a lot. What it the best way to set the Z offset and hopefully make it mostly stay put?

Hello RandyB
Hello, z-axis compensation value is a very small value, if there is a slight change is very normal; and printing process, you can adjust the z-axis compensation value at any time to achieve a good printing effect

  1. You can check whether your bltouch probe is normal, has it been bent? If so, please replace the spare probe.
  2. Is there any shaking of the hot bed plate? If so, please tighten the eccentric nut of the pulley underneath.
  3. If there is no problem with the above, it may be a firmware problem, please try to refresh the main version firmware.
    Thank you
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    Sovol Team

As an update, I updated to the latest version of Sovol Cura and all my problems went away.

Nice! It is a good news!