X Axis Layer Shifting

My dual mode hotend offset is spot on. The issue is that my prints keep having layer shifting along the x axis about 50mm up off the bed. So the print is perfect until it reaches a certain height then it shifts to the right by a few mm then does this once more about 2mm further up and then finishes print normally so that it printed correctly but with two layer shifts which ruined the prints. I resliced and it did the exact same thing.

Is the firmware the latest firmware v1.1.0?

Could you pm sovol with your order id and some pictures showing the layer shift?

I did already send order number and picture. However I think the file was corrupted or sliced wrong or some such thing because im printing the same file after deleting, re downloading, and reslicing and I have just surpassed the layers where the shift occured before. Currently the model is printing the way it is.

Yes the firmware is v1.1.0 the machine is very new. Order #21081 sovol svo4 James Gallegos
I am having layer shifting of the x axis. I am printing a glock frame and I know the file is good as i just printed this example on my qidi x plus -

The multi material prints are the ones with the layer shifting , of the x axis. One is tilted which is why the layer shift is also off to one side.

Hi, I’ve the same problem and it’s random. I can print a model and all is fine then print again the same model and the shifting occurs. It can happen with several models not allways with the same model.
The firmware is also v1.1.0.

I’m having the same issue. My left extruder will shift to the right an hour or so I to my print in dual mode.

I figured out the fix for that issue. Use a 1mm to 2mm z hop on both extruder. If using Prusaslicer you must set zhop in the filament override section as well as the printer settings section on BOTH extruder. You must enter the zhop settings in all 3 places, and must set the height in all 3 places. Use a high speed hop to avoid stringing.

I don’t remember for other models but for this one I’ve no retraction. I’ve printed several other models since this one and had no problems. Could it be linked to temperature? This model is PETG/250/80 and the new models are PLA/210/60.

It’s not temperature. It’s probably loose belt.

Right, it’s not temperature i’ve had it again with pla. I’ve looked at the video and it seems what I have. I’ve looked at the belt but it seems not loose. I’ve squeeze it at max and I’ll see what it does. The printing speed is not too high but perhaps movement speed can be lowered.

You are having curling that you don’t notice and it’s causing minor nozzle collision with your print. I had the same issue. Turn on your z hop and I promise you it will stop. It took me a month of messing with belts and all kinds of bs before I had time to sit and watch and it turns out that I had curling that caused collision and z hop fixed it.

I’ve tried all those things and it doesn’t change anything. I’ve tried to print a specific model several times and it shifted everytime i tried to print it. I’ve seen that the exhaust duct to cool model is very low and when there’s a little warping it bump on it. I’ve modified the orientation of the model on the build plate and it worked on the first try.