HELP! SV06 w/ klipper screen has started randomly shifting layers

I’ve had my SV06 since last fall and bought the Sovol Klipper screen and have been running it with that for about 2 months now. Had been getting PERFECT prints, then randomly last week every single print I do shifts layers throughout the print, no matter what file or settings that I change.
Below are pictures of what I am talking about. I don’t run a lot of complicated prints, and for the pictures I was just trying to print simple gridfinity assets.

Troubleshooting I have tried:

-recalculating bed mesh, Z tilt, and Z distance
-deleting + redownloading cura
-changing versions of Cura (5.6 to 5.5)
-changing filaments
-changing nozzle out for brand new one
-tightening bed screws and running a new mesh
-resetting klipper screen to factory settings and recalculating input shaper, bed mesh, Z tilt, and Z distance
-tuning X+Y belts
-lubricating all linear bearings

What’s weird is I changed nothing for this to happen. literally one print was perfect and the next this started happening. At a loss at this point so I appreciate any and all assistance!

Another Image example

Completed print example: