Suddenly the Layers are Y-shifting

Hello all,

I have had my Sovol SV07 for a few days now and at first everything went perfectly.

The print results were absolutely phenomenally good, the speed anyway. A dream.

Then I didn’t use the printer for a few days. No one has even touched it. Yesterday, when I switched it on and wanted to print a larger kite, there were catastrophic layer shifts.

So I cancelled the kite and tried XYZ-Cube. It looks like a picture glitch, just awful.

All parts of the printer are still fixed, I did not change the printer.cfg. To rule out the possibility that something was wrong with the printer.cfg, I used one from a few days ago, and the result was the same.

The only noticeable thing is that the end stops of X and Y did not trigger from the beginning.

In addition, I got the following error message when moving in the Y direction:
“Move out of range” and then coordinate values.
This appears in the console: “Invalid adxl345 id (got ff vs e5)”.

However, this has been the case from the beginning and I’m not sure if it really has to do with the layershift or not.

I hope someone here can help me, I’m really desperate.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Dear Sovol fans,

it’s a pity there were no answers. If anyone else has or had the same or a similar problem, I will describe my further path:

I checked all the screws again and just as I was about to dismantle the printer and send it back, I discovered a grub screw UNDER the printer that must have fallen out on the X-Stepper motor.

So I tightened everything, screwed the screw into place, checked the belts and printed another XYZ cube.

It was PERFECT and I was happy (I would love to attach photos, but as a “new user” I can’t do that).

So I put the printer back in its place, re-leveled again and started printing.

All prints below 2-3 cm height are still perfect, only if I want to print something higher, there is layer shift again.

I’m afraid I got a “Monday model”, somehow it doesn’t work with the printer.

So with a heavy heart I will send it back. Since I bought it from Amazon, I’ll get a voucher, because it costs more there again…

Since the printer has otherwise convinced me, I will order another one in the hope that I was just unlucky with the first one.

I noticed that the printer.cfg files in the clipper of my previous printer were dated May. Since they always make a backup with the date, I suspect that the printer has already been to someone who also had problems and sent it back. It’s just stupid that amazon sells it again :frowning:

Hopefully the problem won’t occur with the new one - the speed was HAMMER and otherwise I was absolutely thrilled. By the way, this is now my ninth filament printer, the first from Sovol…

Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

Best regards,

I have just noticed that I can now upload pictures. So I can also show you the full extent of the shift.

The Benchy looks great from the side,

but from the front…not so great.

The dragon with the bent head parts was created after all the screws were tightened again.

I ran another test, the xyz cube is also from after tightening the screws, as you can see there is the shift here in the lower area :frowning: Above it looks great then.


Maybe the tension on the Y axis belt is too high. Mine certainly was, I had a minor Y-shift on one print (which happened 2x) and I’ve slackened it off a little, now it seems better, but I’ve only done a few things since then. Time will tell.

Not a lot of people will get that reference :rofl:

I agree with @markxr my belt tensions were VERY high when I first received my 07 Plus, but I caught it.

One more thing to check - does the bed heater cable move freely when the bed moves? Mine was curved toward the stepper motor (to the left when looking from the front) from shipping and it was catching on the stepper motor assembly. I rearranged it to curve to the left, away from the stepper motor and it doesn’t rub on the stepper motor any more.

lol - right. I hadn’t thought about the fact that there are no “Monday models” in English. The equivalent would probably be “a lemon”.

The straps weren’t actually that tight on me, but I’ve tried pretty much all strap tensions, from “completely floppy” to “properly tight” and everything in between. Slightly slack" seems to work best, then the bed moves easily.

I also noticed that when I move the bed by hand (motors off) there is a kind of small “step” in the middle. So the movement is not the same throughout, the resistance gives a little jolt.

I don’t have this with any of my other printers and can’t imagine that this is so good for the print quality :wink:

Nevertheless, I’ll still try it with the changed slicer settings…

Hope dies last