Layer shift on upper layers - please help!

So I got my new SV07 today. I am really excited, but I have a Problem: As soon as the print reaches some height, my print gets a layershift on y axis.
Already tried to change belt tension, only difference was, that the shift happens into another direction. Happened to the Benchy and a low poly skull I just started.
Printing PLA with 100% Speed. Is that maybe too much speed for upper regions? Please help!

Similar issue was fixed for me after changing the default acceleration parameters from 8000 and 3000 to 5000 and 2000 in my slicer (Cura).
My current Cura settings:

As I have read it on reddit, it seems the bed in Y can not move so quick.
Previously I also had to adjust my belt tensions too.
Hope this helps.

Could be belt tension related?

Hi Folks,

did this help?

I’ve the same problem and will return the printer on monday, because nothing seems to help.

I’ll give your solution, Deybacsi, a try - thanks for sharing…

On the picture added you can see the shift in height on a little dragon.

I have had this problem too, I still get it sometimes, but since I added Christian Vick’s printer add-ons and followed his guide it is better. You can find them on printables and they add so much more to this machine,

There are a few pieces of code you need to edit, but it will add tonnes of macros and have the part extruder fan only go on and off when needed,

I still am having issues with some prints but it’s a combo of bed adhesion,flow, and fan speed.